NEW CNA and just landed a job in HOSPITAL (MEDSURGFLOOR). . .HELP? o_O

  1. hello everyone, im new to this site and just wanna say i love it already

    i am an aspiring nurse, and i just finished the cna portion of my prereq and just landed a job in a hospital on the medsurg floor!

    everyone around me are telling me the same exact things, "fresh cnas don't get jobs in a hospital" "the work is going to be way to hard" "you are supposed to start in ltc" "the staff will not help u catch on" "medsurg isn't a good floor to be on if you are new" etc... all the talking is making me pretty nervous.

    yes i accepted the postion and signed up to start orientaion soon, but then again is it all that bad??? i thought getting this postion was a great start to my future. can someone please clarify

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  3. by   travelgurl18
    I had the same experience. Got a job within a month, as a CNA and unit secretary at a Magnet hospital. I LOVE IT! Its a teaching hospital and everyone is so kind and willing to help and answer all my questions. I had heard all the things you did like begining and haven't experenced any of it! I work in the peds ICU which can be very intense and busy at times. But everyone is super kind and understanding when I tell them that I just started and am wanting to go into nursing school. Its been exciting and I learn something new every day! A most of the nurses will even call me in to help if its a "juicy proceedure" -as I call it haha - or something so I can observe, ask questions, and of course help! I'm trying to get over my weak stomach and everyone is well... just as kind as can be! Don't be nervous! Be extreemly helpful, polite, and introduce yourself to everyone with a smile. They tend to have more patience for people they know and like.

    Anyways, its gonna be amazing!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!
  4. by   pinkSCRUBS22

    it sounds sooo much better coming from you. i am extremely blessed to have gotten this postion and will def take it as a learning experience as well!
  5. by   MN-Nurse
    Congratulations, in most cases, it is very difficult for inexperienced CNAs to get a med surg job.

    I can tell you this: you will have it a lot easier and better than if you started in a nursing home! Shoot when I started my Med Surg NA job, they gave me like 5 shifts of orientation! My boss asked me if I wanted more, but I told her, "You can keep giving me small assignments with a preceptor - it's nice and I can help everyone out a lot, but I won't really learn any more from it."

    I had already had three years in LTC, home health, and a bunch of clinical rotations so it was really easy to pick up.

    It will be hard, but new CNA jobs are always hard. You'll do fine.
  6. by   pinkstethoscope
    You are going to do great! The fact that you are a new CNA and got a job in a hospital says a lot, you must have really impressed them and have the skills and personality to handle that kind of a position. I am so envious! I am keeping my fingers crossed I can get into a hospital.