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  1. Help! Can anyone tell me how to study for the reading/comprehension secton of the NET test? I hear the math is simple, but the reading is done on the inferential level and is very difficult.
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  3. by   jacee
    Wow, is been at least 5yrs since I took that exam. They did have a book that you could study from. back then the book was pretty much on pt w/the exam. i don't know how it is now-a-days.
    Try going back a few threads, like page 8, I saw a few people talking about the NET in those threads. I hope this helps. But to answer your question, the reading/comprehension part is really a section you can't study for. it's like short stories that you read, then, they may pull a few questions from content in the story.
  4. by   nicuRN2007
    Get the study guide. I used it and made in the 98th percentile. I don't think I would have done that well without the study guide. The test isn't very hard if you read over the study guide, which doesn't take very long since the book is so short. Good luck!
  5. by   J-9TylerTexas
    I actually got the study guide for this yesterday. My CC had the book in their bookstore, had to ask the girl to find it for me because it's this wee lil book. Otherwise here is the website if you'd rather order it...

    The reading portion looks to be the same as the college entry reading test (basically) I took not long ago, have you ever done any of those? I forget why I had to take it, but the year of freshman english I'd already had didn't prove to them I could read yet I guess.

    You know this study guide goes into grammar and punctuation, is there a section on the test that tests on that specifically? Or was that just a general review to improve reading scores I wonder.....

  6. by   NurseSomeday
    I took the NET in June 2005 for DCCCD and the test was two parts - reading comprehension and math. No spelling or grammar questions on the test. I found the NET Study Guide to be very helpful. If you review the math and reading portions and take the practice tests you should do fine. After completing the reading practice exam, I went back and figured out why the answer was correct or not. This helped me understand what the real test would be like and helped me alot. I scored in 98th percentile.

    Good Luck to you!
  7. by   student4ever
    Basically, the only way to study for the reading portion of the NET is to make sure you know what you're looking for in a paragraph. If they want to know the main point, make sure you know what a main point looks like! It needs to be broad enough to encompass the whole paragraph, but not so broad it goes beyond. I always think of it as the thesis of a paper you're writing. You write a thesis that basically outlines what you want to show in your paper. Take what's in the paragraph, and choose the option that is supported by all the important "facts" of the paragraph. The inference is not going to be something stated in the paragraph. It's like taking several pieces, and saying, "what can I conclude from this paragraph. If this, this and that are true, than what is most likely to be true knowing what I've been given?" Purpose questions deal with the WHY of the paragraph. Why might this information be relevant? If you were writing the paragraph, what is it you would want people to get out of it? Those are the main types of questions on the reading portion. The main thing for you to remember is that it is timed, so read quickly, you don't have to read the paragraph in depth, just enough to understand what it's about, and know key phrases to look for. The study guide does a great job of preparing you for that. Good luck!
  8. by   hercsp
    The reading and comprehension part of the NET was by far the hardest for me. I just took it a couple of months ago, so it is fresh on my mind. Honestly, like someone else said...the book is the best help. I am not a good test taker, but I bought the study guide book, and it helped a tremendous amount. I scored good on the test, and just found out I have been accepted to nursing school to finish my BSN. Good Luck!!!
  9. by   Nurse-To-Be-Joy
    I agree to get a study guide (I checked mine out of the school library) and review that. It makes it very simple. (My book is also the one found on Do the practice tests, and you'll do fine!
  10. by   Maisie
    I didn't take the NET test, but I found some excellent websites that had reading test. I can't remember the web sites, but just do a search on reading test, or reading comprehensive test.