Need online A&PII class and Microbiology class please help - page 2

I am looking for a online A&PII and a Microbiology classes that I can take online. I want it to be able to transfer to my community college or any other college I might attend. If someone could... Read More

  1. by   SNIXRN
    i know rio salado offers a&p and micro classes online. i have never taken any online classes but i know a&pii was a lot harder than a&pi - and you're a&p classes are critical!

    just go to and search for classes bio202 (for a&pii) and bio205 (for micro)

    good luck!

  2. by   tack131
    Quote from 2ndcareerchange
    I'm taking AP I at Clovis and they will have AP II this fall. VERY reasonable ($40.00 per credit) They dont have Micro yet, but are working on it. I think by Spring......

    What is the website for this school?
  3. by   newgradERrn

    Ocean County College in toms river NJ offered AP1 and APII online, you purchase kit through book store, took w/ Prof. Labella and it was a great experience. Cost is $1000 for everything.
  4. by   thewobbles
    What about U of Phoenix?