Need help looking for schools!! (RN,CRNA)

  1. For some reason Google is failing me, and I am having the hardest time finding schools in Florida that offer an RN program. Right now I am in a Med. Assisting program, and I am looking to obviously move on to RN. All the programs I see are RN to BSN. Someone help me, PLEASE!!
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  3. by   MB37
    UCF has a BSN program...I don't know about community colleges in your area. Any of them could have an ASN program, go to their websites individually and find out.
  4. by   Kathyz
    Go to They have a list of schools and their specific programs.
  5. by   Sir Enzyme
    You can do a search at the link below. Limit the location to Florida, and limit the Major to Nursing (RN).

    Good luck, I've already applied to four schools all over New England
  6. by   puresass is also a great resource.
  7. by   np_wannabe
    Where are you in Florida? I am in Jacksonville, so I can tell you what we have here:

    FCCJ: RN program offered either days OR nights and weekends
    UNF: BSN and CRNA
    JU: BSN (but VERY expensive!)
    UF: BSN (offered here, on their Jacksonville campus)