Need encouragement for General Biology class

  1. Good Morning,

    I will be taking Gen Biology and Med Terminolgy this summer. I know a few of my past classmates have complained that the course is hard and some have barely passed and a few others have failed. Sometimes the teacher can make a big difference, so picked the best teacher based on the ratings from "ratemyprofessor".

    I am a little nervous, I don't want to just pass the class, I want to get an A. I have my books but haven't looked yet because I am studying for finals this week. This semester was horrible, I am passing my gen psy with an A but my Algebra class is not looking so good, I will probably pass with a C.

    I think I am starting to get really scared because I only have my science classes left to complete, and I feel a little imcompentent and intimidated. Any words of encouragement and/or suggestions on study guides that will help.
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  3. by   Coriander
    Isn't it amazing how the teacher really does make a difference? When I took Gen Bio and Micro, I was lucky enough to have the same professor and I just loved her. She painted pictures with words which made it really easy to learn. I ended up with an A in both.

    In talking with some other students, they have transferred out of her classes because they didn't like her. It makes me sad to hear her being badmouthed, but I understand that some people just get along and some don't.

    Gen Bio was relatively easy - just basic biology stuff, really. I found the genetics section fascinating. Because it's general, a lot was covered but it didn't go into too much depth (at least not in our class). My professor got her doctorate in Microbiology, so she went into more depth with that just because that's what she knew the most about.

    I haven't taken Med Term yet but think I may do that over the summer or into the fall depending on what is going on. It sounds like a very interesting class!

    You can get through both classes, I know it. If you're a visual learner, try using paper grocery bags to draw out the "story" of things, such as how chromosomes go through their replication. Helped me tons!

    Take care, and all the best.
  4. by   Jersey Nursing Girl
    I agree with all of you.

    The professor really does make the difference and I have found "Rate My Professor dot COM" to be right on the money. I can't afford to waste money taking someone who is a poor professor to begin with.

    If your professor has a good rating that should give you the confidence you need!

    Jersey Nursing Girl
  5. by   tfleuter
    I felt that general biology was the easiest of all the science courses I have taken, so I wouldn't worry about it too much. A good teacher does make all the difference, but make sure you know how to decipher those comments on RMP. I always ignore comments like "teacher likes to fail people" and "impossible class, no way anyone can pass" ect. They always sound like that student that wants to be spoonfed a good grade and not willing to go the extra mile to earn it. If you have found a professor who has recieved generally good ratings, I'm sure you'll do fine.
  6. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    me and you are in the same situation [the part were we will both be taking general bio in the summer-and we both only have our science courses to take]

    I think if you go in there with a positive attitude, and a good outlook-you should do fine-

    I do think the professor makes all the difference...and have found ratemyproffessor to be 100% accurate when I chose my professors this semester-Good luck
  7. by   Coriander
    Quote from tfleuter
    I always ignore comments like "teacher likes to fail people" and "impossible class, no way anyone can pass" ect. They always sound like that student that wants to be spoonfed a good grade and not willing to go the extra mile to earn it. If you have found a professor who has recieved generally good ratings, I'm sure you'll do fine.
    I wanted to comment on this real quick (off topic)... I've seen comments like that on RMP and they're just ridiculous. One semester I had Algebra, and not only did the teacher give you extra credit for just showing up, she essentially went over problems on the board until it was stuck in your head. She also would tell you how, step by step, to do problems in the computer lab section. It would be nearly impossible to fail that class.

    However, I go onto RMP to check out professors for the next semester, and there I find a comment by one of my classmates (he bragged about it in class, that's how I knew). He had been failing every single assignment and test. Why? He never showed up. He always forgot his book and/or pencil and/or paper, etc. He blamed HER for his failing grade.

    Nice, right?

    Anyways, let us know how it goes, especially the MedTerm class. That sounds like it would really be interesting!
  8. by   rholman
    Thanks for the reply.

    Although, I am nervous, I really am looking forward to both classes, especially med terminology. There was only 2 evening biology classes offered for the summer and one of the professors was rated terribly on RMP. He had 2 pages of comments and they all were bad. I asked around campus and I did not get 1 good report. The professor I chose had mixed reviews, but most were good. I was told she was tough but most enjoyed her class. The Med term professor got rave reviews on RMP, I also confimed that around campus.

    Good Luck to all of us. I can wait till this week is over and finals are done. I am anxious for these 2 week breaks before next semester to relax and hopefully play some golf or maybe do some leisurely reading.
  9. by   guiltysins
    I actually didn't do so great in gen biology. I had to take two classes of it. The first class I got a B but this really was the professor. He used powerpoint slides and refused to review any tests. We had a different book from him (the book he told us not to use the first day of class, yet used himself). Second semester I did alright, I just didn't study enough and I guess I just didn't try as hard as I could have because I wasn't all that interested in photosynthesis, animal kindoms, ect. I'm taking Anatomy and Micro next semester and I'm really gonna study my butt off for those classes. The only other classes I have left besides the science ones are stats and develop psych.
  10. by   AlishiaRN77
    I would have to agree that it does make a difference as to who you are taking the class with. I took Gen Bio and Chem together in the same semester, then went on to take A&P 1 in the summer.
    Having 2 science courses at the same time while working more than full time was tough but it helped having an instructor who was willing to assist and explain things to you more thoroughly.
    Another thing I utilized that I believe helped me tremendously, was using the internet. I researched a lot while doing my class work. There are amazing people out there who, sometimes on youtube will put up videos, etc that helped. I also went to several different sites for biology textbooks to see if there were better explanations.
    Good luck you to this summer with your classes!
    I did get A's in both bio and chem.