Need an online Stats class quick!

  1. Anyone know of an online statistics class that covers inferential that I can enroll in and have it be finished by May? I just found out the stats class on my transcript isn't accepted for my prerequisites, so MUST get the class completed by May! HELP!!!!
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  3. by   shippoRN
    Where are you? I just discovered the SUNY Learning Network. Its in New York State. It lists all the courses being given at all the SUNY cc's and Uni. (SUNY = State University of New York) You just go check which one you want, register with the school and start the class. I find the system is pretty easy to use, some people have issues but to each his own. i think out of state is $200 or so a credit depending on the school plus a residency fee (New York State) but if you are in state its wayyyyyyyyy cheaper.

    Here are the links

    Link to the stats classes

    You just need to scroll through it and look for the links that say statistics. I checked and Weschester Community College has a statistics class starting on Monday 1/22, I think you can just submit an application online and go from there. Some of the schools you will have to actually call them up and register.

    If you are in New York State resident then you will just have to get a certificate of residence which they give instructions on what to do, so you aren't charged an additional out of state fee.

    If You want you can always PM me if you have any questions.

    U of Phenoix is soooooooooo expensive, but you can try them too if you want, they always have classes available it seems.
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  4. by   kcocat
    Hey Thanks Mystiqx! They have quite a list! I will check it out for a course that has inferential listed in the description, since that was the problem with the course I already took.

  5. by   Multicollinearity

    I don't know if their statistics classes meet your requirements, but you can check the syllabus online. Classes start every two weeks, and you may finish early.