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    I need some advice. It took me 4 years to finish all my pre-reqs because I'm a single mother and had to work two jobs while going to school. Fast forward and now I'm done. The school I'm applying to has an RN program as well as an LPN. The way they rank students is by a point system. One of the ways you receive more points is having completed some of your core classes like A&P etc more recent than say years ago. So since I completed my A&P 3 years ago I won't get as many points as those who completed this year, even though I made A's and B's in most of my classes. I'm afraid I won't be accepted to the RN program so was going to try for the LPN program instead because their adding a bridge program in 2019 for LPN's to bridge to RN. I might have a better chance of getting into the LPN program than I do the RN program. You can have a lower score on your Kaplan test to if going for the LPN program. What would you guys do. I would rather get into a program and be working towards something than waiting around to get into an RN program. I could always just bridge to an RN. Thanks for any advice. Oh yea, the school I'm applying to is Rowan Cabbarus Community College.

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  3. by   FutureNurseInfo
    Apply to both, and see which program will accept you. As far as the point system goes, I think it is ridiculous.
  4. by   anewsns
    Apply to both! Can also call them and ask if your A and P still counts.
  5. by   hurricanekat
    You go momma!!!While normally I would say apply to both - I would ask more questions. Make sure that you can either 1) get enough student loan money that you don't have to work 2) you can take the BSN program part time. Remember to ask about clinicals and make sure that you have assistance during that time (usually they are during the day which means you will have to work at night). Once you get that RN - either as an LPN or with a BSN - you can do online (which will be much easier for you to handle than in person classes). In your case - I may suggest the shorter course schedule - and then IMMEDIATELY register for an online RN to BSN program.
    My kid is now in college - but I know your struggle. If you have any experience waiting tables - use that as a job. Right now I have a "real" job and I wait tables. Last Sunday I made more money waiting tables in 1 day than I did at my "real" job - all week. Servers can make good money if they are good at their job and they work in a good location.
    I wish you the best of luck. I'm so proud of you for making it this far!! Its not about winning the race - its just about finishing it!!
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    Thanks for your reply.
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    Thank you so much!!