Need advice! BSN or Diploma

  1. Ok so here is the deal, to make a long story shorter. I am in my mid 20s a mom of a toddler, I have wanted to be a nurse since I was 13. Graduated high school and screwed up at my local college, fast forward a couple years I finally got into a BSN program, bad part it was over 2 hours away. So before I fully committed to moving, I applied to a Diploma RN program top 5 in my state, I passed the exam however, they decided to pick others and put me on a waitlist. Now the hospital wants to bring me in for an interview, so if I were to be offered a spot in this program should I drop the BSN? Reasons why, diploma program is less than a year and cost is far less! However, there would only be a semester difference in my graduation year for my BSN I would be done 20' Diploma is 19'. At first I thought if I got into the hospital I would drop my BSN, and go for it after I graduated. But now I just don't know! Any advice would help, in a pickle! ( I know the BSN is the degree I truly need, but it's the situation I'm in that is making it hard.
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  3. by   3peas
    I would do the BSN. Bridging is a pain especially if you are working with a child.
  4. by   direw0lf
    Some hospitals will pay for your tuition to get the BSN. BSN bridge programs can be 100% online, which makes it convenient when you have a toddler to keep up with and will be working as an RN! BUT I would research the hospitals in your area first - do they hire diploma nurses? How much will they pay for you to get your BSN? How much time will they give you to get the BSN?
  5. by   LBee127
    The hospitals in my area right now only want BSNs, I am currently in a major city. However, where the diploma program is located they still hire ADNs and Diploma nurses, but are now preferring BSNs. I know I would be able to get my BSN after, but I'm more worried about the cost and also the time. If it will take me 2 years to complete it wouldn't be worth it?