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    [color=#010101]"stuff happens. you either get better or bitter. turn
    off the news and turn on your imagination. i gather
    strength from muhammad ali's words---

    [color=#010101]"champions aren't made in gyms. champions are
    made from something they have deep inside them " a
    desire, a dream, a vision. they have last-minute
    stamina, they have to be a little faster, they have to
    have the skill and the will. but the will must be
    stronger than the skill.?
    [color=#010101] don't let life back you
    into a corner. come out fighting with your strength, courage and actions to claim the
    victory over your circumstances."
    [color=#010101]jewel diamond taylor
    when your faced with a decision, your instinct and
    intuition are just as important as experience.
    trusting your intuition allows you to recognize and
    seize opportunities more quickly than those who
    waste time and momentum examining every angle.
    your intuition also keeps decisions from becoming

    think of a situation when you ignored your "gut
    feeling." it may have been when you hired
    someone, dealings with clients or even trusting a
    friend. whatever it may be, you probably learned
    a valuable lesson about intuition at one time or

    remember, with every opportunity there is a right
    moment to take action toward a certain purpose.
    trust your intuition and be ready to capture the
    moment. you won't be let down.
    [color=#010101]taking action without being totally committed to it can be worse than taking no action at all. because when you have any level of resistance to what you're doing, you're simply not going to be very effective at it, and the effort will be largely wasted.

    always keep in mind that you can decide to do it or you can decide not to do it. but it is vitally important to make one decision or the other, and then to follow it with your full commitment.
    to make progress, you must have yourself on your own side. you won't get very far if you have to work against your own resistance and resentment.
    if you're going to do it, commit yourself to it. commitment is a decision you can make for yourself, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of whose idea it was originally.
    commitment is the act of sincerely putting your heart into what you're doing. if you have no interest in being committed, then why would you have any reason to go through the motions?
    rather than fighting against your own resistance, be supported by your own commitment. that will often make the crucial difference between success and failure.
    ralph marston
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  3. by   prmenrs
    Thank you for some very inspiring words.
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    Quote from texasangel
    [color=#010101]please add me to morning coffee
    i don't know if this is supposed to be a link, but if so, it's not working!!

    do you know the url for this website to sign up? these are really pretty cool!!

    thanks for sharing!!
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    Quote from wdwpixie
    I don't know if this is supposed to be a link, but if so, it's not working!!

    Do you know the URL for this website to sign up? These are really pretty cool!!

    Thanks for sharing!!
    I pmd you. You are welcome.