Merced College Applicants Fall 2019 Spring 2020

  1. Hi everyone just noticed that they posted the day they are accepting applications on Merced's website! Who's applying? This will be my second try!
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  3. by   IreneRN
    Hello, I will be applying for the first time! I am excited and nervous. I still need to take the TEAS. Did you already take the TEAS test, if you did how did you do? What did you use to study?
  4. by   Andreia13
    HI! I'm applying as well, taking my teas in January, how about you?
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  5. by   IreneRN
    I am taking my TEAS in January as well!! Are you applying at any other programs?
  6. by   Andreia13
    Yes! Modesto and delta in Stockton, how about you? When's your teas??
  7. by   IreneRN
    I am also applying to delta and Modesto but I think I will not make the cutoff on the points. I dont have a date for the teas yet, but I will be scheduling it soon! Hopefully I will get selected at Merced. Are your points high for delta and Modesto?
  8. by   Andreia13
    IM Not sure, I have to look at the applications again, what are usually the cut offs? I'm hoping for Merced as well!
  9. by   IreneRN
    Last year the cutoff was 72 for MJC, I am almost sure this year it went up by a few points....For the last application period for delta which was September, so far they have accepted alternative #2 and I believe she has 66.5 points. Hopefully we get a accepted at Merced, this while process has taken me a while. I am so ready to start the nursing program!
  10. by   Futurenurse1017
    Yes, I took the TEAS last year! This will be my 2nd time applying at Merced. I can't remember my exact score but I scored in the 70's and wish I had scored higher! I haven't retaken it since but I plan on doing so for other programs in case I don't get into Merced again. I used the pocket prep app and studied the usual ATI book that I'm sure everyone recommends! I was recommended to study the Mometrix book & study guides but I never got around to it last year so I would also try that.
  11. by   Andreia13
    Same here, I feel like I been at this a while too and to have to wait to get in will devastate me!
  12. by   Andreia13
    Fingers crossed for all of us! I been studying the ATI booklet and using pocket app too. That test scares me. 70s isn't bad!
  13. by   IreneRN
    Hi futurenurse1017, have you applied to any other programs besides merced? And does anyone know what was the cutoff points for Colombia collage?
  14. by   Futurenurse1017
    No I haven't applied to any other programs yet but I plan on applying to Fresno and Merced this next year. I'm gonna work on retaking my TEAS and graduate with my bachelors degree next semester so I can have more points on my application for Delta & MJC for the following year.