ma 2 cna2 lvn????

  1. Hey everyone!!! I have a HUGE delima!!! So Iam currently a certifed medical assistant but iam trying to get into kaplan college for the lvn program. even though i can quit working completly to go to school i want to continue on working. I mean going from 18.11/hr to nothing will be a huge hit to my coach So im thinking of maybe going to school while i wait to see if i pass everything (lvn program)to be a cna just so i can get a little more knowledge and hopefully get a weekend job while in school to buy cool stuff. I dont know if i should pay more money in addition to the 20k for the lvn program. I just dont know what to do. I have heard how after two-three months of the lvn program you can sit for the cna board.. so should it be better to just wait and do it that way? Does CA do it that way? I really want to be a nurse.. Can some one help a future nurse out??? lol
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  3. by   guiltysins
    I always thought that a CMA was able to do more than a CNA.
  4. by   Kaligirl02
    They can do alot more than a cna can but my train of thought was i'd be able to work after school and then hopefully get a job at whatever facility im working at. I heard it was alot easier getting a job when the hiring boss already knows you.
  5. by   morte
    ok, the big question, actually two.....why LPN and not RN, and where in heavens name are you paying 20k for a lpn program!!!!!?
  6. by   Kaligirl02
    Its not that big of a question. I don't want to be an rn. I want to be an lvn. If I get the bug later on in life I'll go back to school but as of now my passion is to be a licensed vocational nurse. And as far as the price the area of CA that I live in they don't have rop programs for vn and the only cc has a two year waiting list. I have lots of grants so I won't actually be spending 20k for school. So after answering your question can you answer mine? Lol.
  7. by   rdbakerrn
    Just something to think about.... Most hospitals in my area don't hire LVN's anymore. If LVN's have been on staff for sometime they are now being told they have a certain amount of time to get their RN or they lose their position. 2 hosptals I worked for in CA were the same way. Just something to think about. The RN program (ADN) isn't that much longer that LVN program.
  8. by   Lois Bland, RMA
    I am a RMA. RMA's work in the office, with the doctors, patients, clinical, administer medications, etc. With a few extra weeks of training, RMA's can be certified to start IV's. They can not administer the medication in the IV, but the can do everything up to that point. RMA's are taking the place of LVN's. When I was in school my instructor told us to be happy with the degree we have or go for your RN degree. I would love to go through the RN program but it is hard to do when you have to work. Good luck!