LSU Fall 2018 BSN

  1. Hello from California! Thought it was time to create a thread for those applying for LSU's 2018 Fall BSN program. This thread is set up for hopes of meeting (comparing info) with future students, and would love feedback from those that have applied before and or are currently in the LSU BSN program.
    Couple of questions:
    Where you from (though I am sure most are from the LA area, I am coming from San Diego, military spouse)?
    Where are you currently going to school?
    Have you taken the HESI yet? If so how was it? Study recommendations?
    Are you currently an EMT/CNA/RNA or any other form health provider?
    I am personally super excited, beyond nervous, and honestly have my head down working my bum off to get up to this point.
    Looking forward to getting to know everyone. Also I know myself and others would GREATLY appreciate any information (average GPA's, HESI scores, personalities, interview process, essay questions) from current or past students.
    Alrighty *fist bump*, we got this!
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  3. by   Nurse-Guy
    Hi! I was just about to make a similar thread. I am quite nervous for the program and I've been trying to do everything I can to be competitive.
    I currently reside in New Orleans, Louisiana and I am only about 20 minutes away (car drive) from the school.
    I am currently at Delgado Community College finishing my prereqs, but I did attend LSU last school year where I completed my English and a humanity prereq.
    Yes, I took the HESI in May and I got an 87% sadly and I don't think my CT score was very high (if they even take that into account). To study I practiced using the HESI practice book from the Elsevier site. It wasn't really bad but surprisingly, it was the English section that was holding me back and an 80% on my biology section. I don't know if I'll be taking it again, most likely not but I would like to see other people's experience. I think if you put in effort in your science/math prereqs, most of the knowledge should have carried over. If you don't feel prepared then I would recommend just getting the book or watch the review videos on their site.
    At the moment I am not a health provider of any kind but in December, I plan to obtain my CNA license.
    And yes, information from past or current students would be great! I know my GPA will be my strongest part since I expect at least a 3.8 GPA but I think my HESI is too "average" and I would have to do extremely well on the interview and essay.
  4. by   theknittynurse
    Nurse Guy!
    Thanks for joining the thread! Now I have someone to freak out and stress with,
    What pre-requ's do you have left?
    Thank you for the study suggestions. Right now I am trying to decide when and how to approach the studying. I am in a accelerated A&P1 class right now (8 weeks), and am trying to grasp that without an anxiety attack. I sit next to someone who just wants to pass, and I am like "NO! I NEED an A!" <-- I sound crazy, but its the truth.
    Have you signed up for an orientation yet? (I signed up for Dec 20, coming to town to see family)
    Do you plan on also applying at Delgado? (I am)
    So nice to "meet" you!
  5. by   theknittynurse
    I thought I should maybe answer my own questions as well.
    - I am from Pasadena area in California (if you have heard of the Rosebowl, I am from that area). Currently reside in San Diego, my husband is stationed on Coronado.
    - Yes, I am a student. I attend online and in class classes at the local City College, and National University. I am taking A&P 1 and Chemistry right now, *dear baby Jesus stay with me*
    - I have not taken the HESI yet. I plan on taking it in November, wanted to get my A&P class under my belt before I hit the HESI.
    - Currently work as a CNA for a post-acute rehabilitation center. I also have my EMT-B.
  6. by   Nurse-Guy
    I only have Biology, Biology Lab, Chemistry, and Psychology left to take. I finished English 2, Sociology, and Microbiology this summer and I already had English and College Algebra completed the year before. I've been to two information sessions. One in March when I was at LSU and the one in August a few months ago. I might go again in December just to ask any questions I have, but I'm not sure. And yes, Delgado's Charity school is my worst case scenario. LSU is the only BSN program I'm applying to since I do not want to go out of the city and make the cost of things more expensive.
  7. by   Nurse-Guy
    What other BSN programs are you applying to? LSU does not require that you take the A&P session. Also I would recommend you take the HESI ASAP because they will take the most recent score, not your highest. Also you can only take it once every 6 weeks. So that really only leaves you with maybe 2 more tries if you do it very soon.
  8. by   theknittynurse
    Applying for Delgado, and they require A&P1, as well as Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.
    Ill start review HESI tests, and I am actually trying to schedule a time now to take the HESI.
    LSU is the only BSN program I am applying to for Fall 2018, but will also apply for Sam Houston State BSN Spring 2019.
    LSU is the goal. Like my DREAM goal. I am going to make it happen
  9. by   Nurse-Guy
    Yeah same here. I might only apply to LSU's BSN program because I want to continue my graduate studies there. At the information session, he said that the program is designed to get you into their graduate study programs and some students would go straight from graduation into the summer semester in their NP program. I really want to LSU my go to school but if not then I'll stay at Delgado and do LSU's Rn to BSN program. I'll be taking A&P next semester and I'm really excited for the lab!
  10. by   theknittynurse
    What courses are you taking this semester?
  11. by   Nurse-Guy
    I'm taking Introduction to Psychology, Biology, Biology Lab, Chemistry, and Chemistry Lab (Chem Lab is a corequisite so Delgado is making me take it even if I don't need it).
  12. by   Nurse-Guy
    If anyone went to the last information session, what did he saw was the average HESI scores and GPA's of students who got accepted.
  13. by   kbro196
    I am applying for this Fall! I should have around a 3.85 GPA, I am on the triathlon club, I hopefully will have a good bit of volunteer hours! I am currently at LSU, but have not taken the HESI, how bad was it?
    Thank you!
  14. by   Nurse-Guy
    The HESI is honestly not that bad especially if all of your classes are fresh in your head, you should definitely make at least an 85%. I wouldn't take it lightly though, I'd still study for it.