LACCD - Summer session 2 CANCELLED

  1. Hi there,

    Our science professor just informed us that the Los Angeles Community College District just cancelled Summer session 2. And they are still waiting for words regarding Session 1. This is soooo not cool, especially for all those students who enrolled in 8 week classes in session 1 because those are cancelled as well. Basically, only 5 week courses from session 1 will push through (unless they cancel those as well).
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  3. by   tothepointeLVN
    Try over at El Camino o Long Beach they are not part of the LA system
  4. by   vlove
    Lame because I was trying to get into a microbiology class!!
  5. by   monkeykiss
    Thanks for the info tothepointe...
    and yes vlove, very lame indeed. a lot of science classes are offered 8 weeks long so almost all science classes with lab got cancelled....
  6. by   vlove
    do u plan on going to another school during the summer?
  7. by   monkeykiss
    I am still registered to 2 classes during summer session 1 (Math and Sociology) and I am hoping it will not get cancelled. I see that you are interested in getting into msmc ADN program, are you done with your pre-reqs?
  8. by   vlove
    nope! i'm still trying to get into a microbiology class, unfortunately. if i dont do micro by the end of summer i wont be able to apply at msmc

    i've been trying to get into a microbiology class for three semesters now and they're always full..

    but if that happens, i was planning to just transfer to msmc for fall 09 and take micro there. i have no idea really. any advice?
  9. by   vlove
    monkeykiss, i cant reply to your pm! apparently, im not allowed to send em. :s

    anyway im actually from the valley. what do your friends think about msmc? the tuition is ridiculous but i guess if theres a will theres a way lol.

    i havent applied to any other schools... i actually havent even applied for msmc. im waiting to go to the info session to get some questions asked. ive been looking into CSU San Bernardino.
  10. by   nurse24365
    i would recommend double-checking to see if the 8-week classes are in fact cancelled. i just called the administration office at the community college i'm attending to verify this and they told me that the 8-week session science class is still going on.
  11. by   monkeykiss
    Hi vlove- I am from the valley too; attending lavc and pierce and lamission to complete my pre-reqs. Since you are interested in ADN, I would suggest applying at a cc rather than msmc.

    Hi cynnacal- what school are you attending; I just called all LACCD campuses and they confirmed all 8 week classes are cancelled. They said all those who are enrolled in 8 week classes and summer session B should recieve an email sometime today.
  12. by   msnapplicant
    LACC says on its website that only session 3 is cancelled. Still.
    I guess it varies with schools.
  13. by   nurse24365
    i'm taking classes at pierce. i called the admissions office and then walked in this afternoon to ask. both times they said that only session B was cancelled and that the 8-week class is still on.
  14. by   vlove
    awesome. are you taking microbiology by any chance? im gonna try and crash the class for a permission number. hopefully people dont show up on the first day/week...