LA County College of Nursing & Allied Health Spring 2019

  1. Hi. I created this thread for those applying to LA County College of Nursing & Allied Health for the Spring of 2019. The online application opened up today (7/1/18) on their website. Is anyone else having trouble adding a College selection on the Education portion of it? I have also reserved a seat for their information workshop on July 3rd at 4pm. Anyone else attending??
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  3. by   Duckman

    I just applied yesterday. Sent everything in. I did have trouble so I just manually entered it.

    Wondering if you know what's the points cut off. So far I have 82 pts. I hope that's enough to get me in
  4. by   awal24

    I'm also applying for the spring 2019 term. I haven't taken the Teas yet and I was wondering if anyone knew the deadline to send the scores in or around when La County's program invites you to take it.
  5. by   Duckman
    I thought everything had to be submitted by August 15. To be safe I just toke it on my own and submitted it
  6. by   a_ar
    At the orientation they said they would send letters via mail to those who needed to take the teas. I believe they said at the end of August.
  7. by   a_ar
    I believe it was in the 80's. So you should be fine.