Is this too much?

  1. Omg I have one year of college left, and by that I mean taking classes that I want to.

    As I said earlier I am starting piano lessons this summer and I hope to continue them in the fall. This fall I am taking Micro, A&P 1, Human Growth, and English. In the fall the Piano lessons turn into a credit course also. Well I really really want to learn Italian too. My goal is to learn at least one European language before I graduate. I could wait until next summer when I have time off and take French 1 and 2 back to back. But I really want to learn Italian and I want to take four classes of the chosen language.

    So is
    Micro 4 credits
    A&P 4 credits
    Piano 2 credits
    Human Growth 3 credits
    English 3 credits
    Italian 3 credits
    too much? I also have a small child to take care of so...
    I should be a professional student. I have already been in college for 3 years and I just feel there is still so much more I want to learn.
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  3. by   apnea
    You should be fine, it's only 16 hours. i pulled 17 last semester, with a 4 year old. i took human anat (my school splits up anat and physio ), gen psych, eng II, chem I, and calc I, i got a 4.0 so you can probably handle it.
  4. by   shock-me-sane
    I wouldn't do A&P and micro at the same time. But then again I am horrid with memorization.
  5. by   Pumpkin1621
    Quote from apnea
    You should be fine, it's only 16 hours. i pulled 17 last semester, with a 4 year old. i took human anat (my school splits up anat and physio ), gen psych, eng II, chem I, and calc I, i got a 4.0 so you can probably handle it.
    It's 19 credit hours if you add Italian. Without Italian it is 16.

    I have never heard that taking A&P with Micro is bad.
  6. by   apnea
    Completely overlooked the Italian class...i dunno, i mean it doesn't seem like too heavy a load to me, but if you're worried about it, there's probably a reason.
  7. by   rn/writer
    I have heard that you should be prepared to spend three hours in prep and study time for every credit. That would add up to an additional 57 hours--76 hours total. Some classes may require less time per credit hour. Some, more. I think the three hours of time per credit is fairly realistic. You have to look at the big picture to count the cost accurately.

    Good luck, whatever you decide.
  8. by   Multicollinearity
    It's hard to say because we are all different. I just finished a crazy semester with 19 credits. Never again. I got so lonely. I turned into this academic machine. Thing is, for me, it wasn't so much the load of all of the classes. It was the need to keep all A's that made it an insane load.

    So it's one thing if you can get C's and B's with your schedule. However, if you need to maintain a high GPA for your plans, then I'd seriously reconsider. Also, two science classes concurrently really tip the balance as well.
  9. by   NurseJeanB
    I took Microbiology before Anatomy and it really helped me in Anatomy. I work full time and so I only take at most 2 or 3 classes but for Anatomy I just took Anatomy by itself ( It was 5 units) and I really wanted to get an A in it. I just finished Physiology (also 5 units) and took that by itself as well. Even if I was not working full time I still would not take that many classes. I remember one semester I had chemistry and a non science class ( I think it was anthropology) and health science and the anthropology class turned into such an ordeal. (Lousy teacher) I got all A's but it cost me some sanity and so much stress that afterwards I ended up getting really sick. I decided it was better to take my time. I am glad I did it too, because then when I came to applying for nursing school my gpa was pretty high. Apnea-you must be a superstar to take that many units and get all A's. I think that you have to be the exception more than the rule. Don't get me wrong I give you full props for doing it.
  10. by   healinghearts84
    first of all, congrats on your final year, it really flies by...i just finished mine . anyways, in response to your question, i also took 19 credit hours all at once. however, i didn't work during the school year, have no children, and lived on campus. i was also in a bsn program and am not sure if that makes a difference in amount of studying...anyway, im general i thought that i needed to study so much that it took up most of my time and that semester of 19 credits was too much. i know that if this was me, i would be pulling my hair out, especially if i had a daughter to look after. we are all different of course, but don't make school your life... i did, and my fiance said if he could do it all over, he would have made me less crabby because i made school my life...anyways enough on the soap box, learning languages is great, i myself enjoy spanish...but remember that in nursing learning is never ending and you have plenty of time to take extra classes...good luck in whatever you decide
  11. by   Pumpkin1621
    Thanks for the replies everyone. I think I am going to wait and take French next summer.