Is Taking Two Prerequisites and Working F/T Too Much?

  1. Hello All!
    I'm planning on going for either my ADN or BSN (as a 2nd degree) but have prerequisites to take first. Currently I work as a nanny for a nurse and will be going to school at night until I enter clinicals in which case I will probably no longer be able to work f/t. My question is about my possible future schedule and how doable it is:

    I work 10 hour days 3 days a week and a 1/2 day once a week. It's always M-F with an end time of 5pm but the days change weekly.

    I'm thinking of taking two classes (probably A&P I and Chem I) in the spring semester which would mean classes from 6pm-9pm M-Th.

    So, some weeks there will be a few days when I work 645am-5pm, go straight to class (40 min commute to school) and get home around 9:30/10PM and then wake up and do it all over again. I would have 1 and 1/2 days off of work before class but can't choose what days.

    I am not someone who math and science comes easily to and I know that I will need to study and apply myself to get good grades in these classes.

    Anyone do something similar? Would it be better to take one class at a time so that I have every other night off to study?

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  3. by   danibaby89
    I am currently working full time I have four kids ages 7 and under and I am taking two pre-reqs right now. Very doable. Just learn to balance your time and do assignments in advance if you can.
  4. by   VampyrSlayer
    Can you take any online or weekend classes?
  5. by   INN_777
    I am have been working 30-35 hrs/week and taking 2 science prerequisites this year. And my friend has been working 40 hrs/week and doing 2 prereqs. In fact in Spring she took Chem 111 and A&P I. We get very good grades so it is possible. But you will have no downtime. Zero. At least if you want good grades. A&P I is just a lot of work no matter how you take it and with what other prerequisites. Chem is not a big deal in the sense that it is logic vs. tons of memorization.

    If you go for it, though, do research on your A&P professors before you sign up. A good professor can make your stress and work load so much lighter and the process so much more enjoyable. And a bad professor will mean even more work in a subject that is already a killer. I usually check "Rate my professor" before I sign up.
  6. by   Babs41
    Thanks everyone! I just read some other topics on people who worked full time and went to nursing school full time and it made me feel silly for asking about this! I appreciate you all being so kind in your responses.
  7. by   rubato
    Yes, you can do it. As long as you make the time you need to study. Can you study during the kids nap time, or during some down time?
  8. by   DoeRN
    It can be done. I worked full time up until the last 2 semesters of school. You just need excellent time management skills and make sure you talk with family and friends about how you won't be available as much while your in school. I took A&P II, micro, college algebra and sociology all in one semester. I wasn't the happiest person around but I managed to get A's in everything.

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  9. by   JennBeverage
    I work full time Mon-Friday from 3-11 p.m. and have two young daughters. My job is very physical and the only time I sit down is when I take my lunch break. I'm taking 4 pre reqs and I'm doing well. I first started off with 5, but the workload was too much. You will find your niche once you get into the swing off things. You know what is most comfortable for you.