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Hi! I'm new and need some input from some of you in the same boat, or who have been in the same boat. This may seem a little silly, but its troubling to me all the same. I've recently decided to go... Read More

  1. by   SummerGarden
    Quote from danh3190
    When I'm wiping somebody's butt I try to think how happy I'd be if I were sick and somebody helped clean me up and how embarassed the patient probably is. I hope if I start getting negative somebody will smack me and straighten me out.
    Very good perspective. :spin:
  2. by   WDWpixieRN
    I've heard a lot of the same. However it was my best friend from high school (Class of '74) and maid of honor from back then, who suggested I become a nurse when I told her I was looking in to the health care field. I figured how far wrong can a lifelong buddy steer me?!?!?

    I've had my concerns about the poop, etc., but as others so have expressed it eloquently in this thread, it's just the nature of the job and is a part of helping people. And our instructor (1st semester) told us a young gal had already dropped out our first week and said that some people can't deal with that aspect of the job. However, while it's a reality in school, it may be a very small part of your actual job depending on where you end up working. But it's part of the dues while you're in school and new to the job.

    But wow, now I'M depressed reading that a night shift might be hard to come by, lol...that was a LOT of my motivation for going in to nursing!! I hate working M - F 8-5 with the masses!!

    Best wishes -- and follow your heart! :angel2:
  3. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    I have an index card on my bulletin board here in my office on which I have handwritten a delightful little saying that I came across and that has proven true time and time again...

    "Those who discourage your dreams have probably abandoned their own."

    I don't know who the quote is from, but it is so incredibly true. Whether the dream is losing weight, going to college, or taking your shot at fame, there will be somebody who no longer believes in their own dream and is desperate to get you to not believe in yours.