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I am taking an internet class for the first time this semester. It is Psychology 210 - Developmental Psychology. It is not a prerequisite to get into nursing, but I will need to take it in order to... Read More

  1. by   RN,BSN84
    Thanks for the Advice!!
  2. by   Megsd
    I took abnormal psych online and nutrition in class the same quarter, and it wasn't that bad. As others have said, it's mostly the motivation that can bite you. I was really on top of things the first half of the quarter, then things at work sped up (I got a second job), I moved... wound up scraping by with an A somehow, but I was on the very low end of it. We had 4 exams, one research paper, and weekly discussion forums and case studies. All in all it wasn't a phenomenal work load, but it was essential to keep up.
  3. by   Moondance
    My experience with online courses has been fantastic. Pixiesmom gave some great pointers in assessing online courses.

    At first, they seem to be overwhelming because you have to read everything and I took more than one at a time. But once I got into the groove, I really liked them.

    My Philosophy course was constant writing. By the end of the semester, we had done over 50 essays. I have also taken Sociology, Algebra, and Nutrition online.

    Whether or not to take an online class is based on one's personal circumstances. Since I didn't have a problem with the commute to school, so I could go either way. For me, I just liked not having to get out and go to every class and I love being on the computer. Overall, I think the online classes take more time though and require much more writing. Also, I'm not one to procrastinate. If someone is a procrastinator, I wouldn't recommend online courses. They require self-motivation and self-discipline to succeed.
  4. by   tddowney
    Quote from starzzmom
    Wow. Thanks everyone for the advice so far. I have such a crazy situation this semester that the internet class was the best alternative. With work, kids and taking a m/w night class already this was what worked out. I basically feel like I taught myself A&P1 by reading the book so psy should be doable.
    I took Developmental Psych online as a prerequisite. How difficult it is and how much time it takes will be dependent on the instructor, just like any other class.

    Pathophys was also largely an on-line class in my program. We had an on-ground session each week, and the instructors were very availabe for questions on-line. That makes a lot of difference.

    Now that I'm not quite halfway through my accellerated program, I find that a good bit of our work is on-line. It makes it easier to get answers to questions from classmates as well as instructors.
  5. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    I LOVE online classes. They are great for people like myself who are visual or independent learners. As a caution, please know that you will spend more time reading/ doing work than in a traditional classroom setting. Since there isn't the instructor there to lecture, you do all the reading yourself. On the other hand, if you tend to reread everything anyway, then go for it! I have taken all my Psycs, Englishes, Sociology, and both A&PI and II online, and excelled at all. I love the A&P classes online. My instructor was wonderful and had so many notes to look at and go by. As one previous poster wrote, our school (for the most part) uses WebCT, so all your classes are right there. Good luck on your classes~

  6. by   krenee
    I have taken Psych 202 and Health Science I online (which is a LOT of anatomy). Psych 202 was easy. Health Science, not so much! More than half that class flunked out or withdrew. My best advice mirrors the other advice you have gotten: DO NOT GET BEHIND! It makes it really hard. I underestimated my Health Science class because my Psych class had been so easy, and got behind in the beginning. I ended up having to study 3-4 hours per day to catch up and stay caught up. Although it was such an intense class, I might have ended up studying that much anyway. I am going to be starting Health Science II in a couple of weeks, and you'd better believe I'll start off studying like crazy not to get behind.

    Oh, one thing that's tough with health classes online - I don't know how to pronounce anything! I hope I won't say something wrong and look stupid when I start taking the in person classes!

    Good luck, if you're focused you'll do just fine. My instructor was also very willing to meet one on one and assist, but the truth is it just requires a lot of memorization, which requires time and effort.

  7. by   CuriousMe
    I took Math 70 and Math 95 online. I'll reiterate what others have said, the key is to not get behind. I would also think about what kind of learner you are and choose which classes you'll have the most success with online.

    I loved taking my maths online, because I struggle with math. Our online class only had one deadline, finish by the end of term. So, as I was working through the course if I had troubles on an area, I could spend as much time as I needed on it without having a grade penalty....then move more quickly through things I didn't struggle with as much.

    I also think I was successful with taking math online because in my opinion, succeeding at math is more about practice than learning.

    Good luck!