I received my Letter!! - page 2

I received my letter of admission to the Associate of Science in Nursing Program for Fall 2007 on Friday. I was so excited I had to tell someone so I called my husband at work and he couldn't... Read More

  1. by   LMRN10
    Jenny, congratulations, you are so funny!!! That is wonderful news!!!! Glad you finally got a hold of someone to tell!!! I know what you mean about HAVING to tell SOMEONE!!! Good luck!
  2. by   Jenny67
    Thanks everyone!! I hope we can all keep in touch..good luck to everyone who received their acceptance letters also!!
  3. by   SweetGurl
    Congrats Jenny!!! I got my acceptance email this afternoon. The admissions committee said they will send an official letter within next week. I'm so excited I'm just bouncing off the walls:hatparty: Binghamton University here I come and so close to home too!!!!