I passed A&P I!! (Helpful tips included)

  1. I passed the class with a B and I've never felt more relieved. After taking the class I realized that the material itself wasn't that difficult but its the amount of material that you have to learn that's difficult. You have to understand one thing to understand the next because its all connected.

    I think what type of teacher you have will structure the methods you'll have to use to succeed. For my teacher, she claimed that she only tested from her lectures and even gave us study guides. However that was a lie, our exams contained almost none of what was presented in lecture and the study guides didn't help either which sucked because a majority of the class relied only on the lecture power-points while studying per her advice.

    After failing the exam, I reviewed the structure of all of the questions that were asked. After reviewing them, I found almost all of the answers and even some of the same questions in my textbook. I incorporated creating multiple choice questions into my studying method as well as using the textbooks as my main study guide. I also created a lot of diagrams which is so much easier than doing traditional notes. Doing these things helped me do well on the remaining exams in this class.

    Time management is key in this class and likely any other core science. I studied for at least 1 to 2 hours a day. I never did any cramming, even on the weekends because it wasn't logical. Students always say they studied 10 hours or the entire day but that is rarely effective. You have to do a little each day not all in one day. The brain does not retain information that way. I HAD To go over a few sections every day to not only grasp an understanding but to MEMORIZE the terms and locations. If you can't manage an hour or more of study time outside the class, DON'T bother taking it. DON'T waste your time, just take it when you know you can be committed to the class.

    It was a tough class but its doable, I'm 22 and have no children yet there were moms in the class with children and full-time jobs who Aced the course with no issues. There aren't any excuses in the end.

    Good Luck everyone!
    See ya next semester!
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    Congrats, however this belongs in the pre-nursing student forum.
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    Yes, congrats!
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    I got a B as well, but I have to retake it to get an A.
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    lol why on Earth would you wanna retake A&P I if you didn't fail it