1. Hello,
    So I feel like I've been in community college for so long. I have gone solely part-time and struggle a lot with math so I was to taking different math classes over most of the semesters. Now I'm down to one math class and nursing 1010. My grades are pretty okay what messes me up is I got a C in A&P 1 and 2.

    I wanted to opt to do the LPN course but the advisor at my school is saying that for me to even do the LPN course is going to take the same amount of time as trying to do the RN course and it will only have me finishing up a few months before. I don't think she's a very good advisor, and age wise, I really feel like I'm just running out of time. I'm 33, have no children and I just want to get into a career. I'm have no encouragement or assistance. None of the Maryland programs are p/t either.
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  3. by   Wiggly Litchi
    Your adviser is correct about the LPN taking almost as long as the RN program, but if the LPN is part time and will work with your schedule, then that may be beneficial for you.
    Sometimes, when life throws us under the bus, we might need to do some funky stuff to wriggle out from under it.

    Finances are going to be a huge deal whether you're 18 or 33, so would you have support at home? Be able to move in with a parent or room with a friend etc.? (I'm tossing out ideas because I don't know your situation, but they're options!). Some folks still work part time while in nursing school, so that might be an option for you too depending on if you need to or not.

    I feel you on the career thing though - I'm 32 and started my prereqs when I was 30; I was so ready to be done with school etc. a long time ago, but my desire for a solid career is keeping me moving forward.
    I hope that you can find a way forward too
  4. by   stephaniej1229
    I am 32, and just finished my prerequisites and start nursing in the fall. I took my prereqs part time for two years while I worked full time and running a household with my two children and fiance. I go to a community college and my advisor told me that many people choose to do LPN first because it gets them working much faster. There is always the option to continue to work on your RN and be able to work a little bit while in school and making a better income, if that is something that makes a significant difference in your situation, as it does for many people. I am not entirely sure on the fact that getting an RN vs an LPN will only be the difference of a few months, but every school is different.

    I chose to go directly for the RN, but that is because I have a great support system that enables me to be unemployed while in nursing school for 2 years. However I was sure that I at least wanted an RN so I went for it all at once instead of splitting them up. I do intend to get my BSN as well. Everyone's situation is different and I would believe you need to evaluate your options based on your personal needs. It is never too late, and I don't believe you are truly running out of time! Do what you think you can handle.

    Good luck to you, on whatever you may choose
  5. by   Neo Soldier
    Your instructor was right about the LPN program, I wouldn't recommend it unless absolutely necessary. When the application period comes around, apply to both programs: ADN and LPN and get in where you can.
    I would strongly suggest retaking A&P because C's are not competitive at all; still try and get in somewhere but just retake to increase your chances.
    I agree with Wiggly Litchi: Would you be able to move in with someone so that your sole concentration is school?

    The nursing program is filled with people with kids, people starting a second career. The people you meet could be a strong support system. There aren't a bunch of entitled 18 year old adults running around (maybe a few 22 year old children who want a pat on the back for getting an education...lol)

    Keep pushing!! If you ever want to message me, feel free to.
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  6. by   nurseinfuture
    I live alone and am single. I don't have anywhere else to go really that won't cause issues and stress. Things I definitely don't need. I'm just coming off of a three year injury (haven't really worked) and need to go back to work now. I will probably just retake the A&P II and the last math class and work full time and save as much money as possible. Then apply to every ADN program available. Someone has to accept me. Nursing is all I want, everything about it is worth it to me.
  7. by   Wiggly Litchi
    Hey OP, I just had a thought - there are some associates programs that only roll on evenings + weekends; I live near a college that has a pretty decent one. You might want to check CCs in your area to see if this is an option for you, that way you can see if that'd play nice with your work hours or not.
  8. by   BagelBomber
    In your original post, you mentioned MD programs- I'm starting the evening/weekend program at CCBC Essex in the fall. I'm a single parent so I'll be working full time while attending school. I will say it is a super competitive program, so I would recommend retaking A&P I and II to pump up your GPA.