I don't understand...

  1. I've put a lot of effort and time in studying Anatomy and Physiology I. But I got only a grade of B- which I expect it the least. I've been getting high exam scores in this particular subject and it has been my fave. My classmates whom I've been tutoring even got higher grades... I don't get it.. i'm so frustrated.
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  3. by   LMRN10
    That would be frustrating!! I'd maybe talk to your teacher and see if the two of you can sit down and compare what you have vs. what he/she has. I would definitely be upste!!
  4. by   gemini_star
    I hate intsructors who have favoritism in class.
  5. by   MB37
    It's worth making an appointment with the prof or your TA to make sure first of all that your test was graded correctly. If it was, then make sure you know what you got wrong and why. Does you instructor take off for spelling? Or sometimes getting one concept backwards can affect your answers to several questions. Hopefully no one is playing favorites, but A & P is a fairly objective subject. Find out why you got the grade you did, and if it was a simple mistake then just be sure not to make it again! good luck!
  6. by   JentheRN05
    When I was in nursing school, my first class was micro. I was struggling, but holding a B+ (keeping track of my grades). When grades came out for first semester I had a D- WHAT????!!!!! I went directly to the instructor and said, "there must be a mistake, because I have been keeping track of my grades and pulled out my proof. Turns out he put someone elses grade (with the same last name as me) He apologized profusely and got it corrected the same week (he had about 400 students so it took a few days to correct) Make sure that you got YOUR grade and not someone elses. Explain you have been tutoring others and how is it they got a higher grade than you? Make sure that is ironed out. Good luck!
  7. by   JaxiaKiley
    I got the wrong grade before, too, and had to have it changed. Best of luck!
  8. by   Leopardspots85
    many people would probably be lucky to get that in A&P
  9. by   gemini_star
    Whohooo! I got an A. She talked to me earlier and apologized for the wrong grade she gave me. Atleast that gave me more insipration to do good in other subjects.