I am so worried now ! plz Help

  1. Hi all, I got accepted to a nursing program ! so I just did the back ground check and drug screen(urine) like others.
    Everything went well except 1 thing: my drug result says : Negative/ dilute.
    At first, I didn't know what that meant, so I asked around (some nurses ); and they said that means there was too much water in my urine specimen which could make the drug test unacceptable.
    . Then, I asked the staff at my nursing school if my result was good or not; or should I retake the test. They said since the result is negative, so I dont need to do anything unless lab. people call me to do so !!!

    I wished I didn't drink too much water on that urine test day ! No one warned me not to drink water b4 the test ! Usually I drink heck of water in the morning b.cuz I skip breakfast most of the time.

    I was always confident about my drug test, but I feel worried and uncomfortable this time !The worst thing is I feel like people think I am a cheater ! People would loose trust on me! hixhix Poor me

    Is there anyone in this situation like me? Then What happened ? What were your solutions?

    PS: Do NOT drink water at least 3 hrs b4 urine test ! I learned it the hard way !
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  3. by   Student4_life
    Really? I have to drink 2 qts of water to be able to perform a urine analysis (nearly a decade of random "quizzes" and I never could go on demand with someone watching me unless I had a very full bladder), and have never had a single one come back questionable.
  4. by   2ndyearstudent
    Your test result was good news. Do yourself a favor and don't dehydrate before taking a urine test.

    Or any test. Water is good.
  5. by   lifelearningrn
    I wouldn't worry about it. If the thought the test was inconclusive they'd call you in for another.

    Personally, I always drink lots of water before any kind of urinalysis because I won't be able to pee without it. lol
  6. by   iPink
    I don't get why your worried.

    P.S. Don't skip breakfast.
  7. by   cgravier
  8. by   jrfortis
    At our school a dilute test is grounds for a retest and if it is dilute again its and automatic disqualification...
  9. by   lifelearningrn
    Drinking water is a disqualifying factor? I don't get it.. aren't the test sophisticated enough to detect drugs? I drink a LOT of water, I can't imagine 'failing' a drug test because I drink too much water.

    I'll have to remember to schedule my drug test for first thing in the morning.. and just 'hold' it when I wake up until I get to the testing center. lol