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Hello everyone, this is my very first time to post here. I am a pre-nursing student I guess???? I'm in Pharmocolocy this quarter, wow, this is tough one, I thought Chemistry and Biology's were rough.... Read More

  1. by   WDWpixieRN
    Quote from gdsgrl
    Sometimes I just get overwhelmed, working, school, home and studying, a hubby who says he understands but doesn't lift a finger to do any extras around the house. Who knows I have a big test and won't even help cook or clean. (he's a good man, but wants more of me than I have to give at times). Can anyone relate to that?
    Without going in to a lot of messy details, I'll just say, "Yeah, I can relate"....mine is also resentful that I quit work and has real problems dealing with life in a financially responsible way....always has, and it's taken me until I was in my late 40's to realize he won't ever change....which was part of what prompted me to go back to school....I'll be working until I hit the grave at this point!! If you want this bad enough, you can do it, but you might find yourself getting rather resentful along the way. Hopefully things will get better, as NS takes a lot more work than "just" the prereqs. Get as much out of the way as you can before you enter your program. That will ease a lot of the stress. I don't envy my fellow students who are still struggling through A & P, micro, sociology, etc., as I hear some of them are having to do along with our core.
  2. by   mammaoftwo
    Never to old! I am 54 and taking pre-nursing hoping to get accepted into the Fall 07 LPN class. I also have wondered how far I want to go with my education or degrees due to my age. Something to think about. Best wishes in what ever you decide, but you are never to old.
  3. by   droadracer
    First, Suesquatch...I just loved your reply...anyway...I just want to say..I am waiting for word on my application to nursing school in the fall..age now 56, age when starting (if accepted) 57, age when graduating, 59...just as long as I am still alive...
  4. by   Lifedream
    I definitely can relate. I have a the same type spouse. Great guy, do anything for others but not very supportive of my goals. I still work full time and I also go to school doing pre-reqs for nursing school. He always asks why I study all the time.... because I am 51 and have to study more than the youngsters LOL. Hang in there, never let age be the factor in decisions because age also brings life experience. Best wishes!