How many hours did you study A&P and what grade did you get? - page 4

I start A&P in the fall and I was curious about how many hours you typically spent studying and what grade you got. I know everyone is different but I am just wanting the average. Thanks.... Read More

  1. by   EduardoLugo
    I studed an hour or less for A&P 1, well at first I studied for 2-3 hours and got 94 and a 96 for the first 2 exams and then my skin got worse (I have acne problem) and I couldn't focus.. so I didn't study at all and started to get bad grades for exams.
    I ended up with a B which I am happy .. I am happy 'cause if i studied like I used to, I would have gotten an A for sure.
    Maybe I should retake it and get an A Maybe if I get an A for A&P 2.. this will make me very happy to retake A&P 1 for a better grade. Bleh, who cares, I should be fine with a B. ha ha..
  2. by   Esme12
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    I wish you the best on your nursing journey.
  3. by   EduardoLugo
    Aw, thanks! That's fine. ha ha. ^^;;