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I heard that intro to chemistry is hard. Has anyone here taken intro to chemistry and can give any tips. Thanks... Read More

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    "hard" is a subjective and relative term. what may be hard for one person can be easy to another. you are also asking how much math is involved? that depends on what the curriculum of this chemistry class is that you are taking at your school. i would recommend that you go to the campus and try to find students who have taken the intro to chemistry class at this school you are going to and ask them what classwork and math are involved. you might check to see if there is information about the class online since many colleges today have websites and many of the instructors put some information, including the course syllabus, online where it can be publicly accessed.

    i was at one time a chemistry major. i was also at one time scared to death to take chemistry. this is what i learned. it is a very logical science. as long as you keep up with the reading and memorizing of the information from the very beginning of the class, you should have to problem with it. most science and math is logical and one concept builds upon the next. this is also true in nursing and medicine. from the very beginning, make flashcards of the elements, their atomic numbers and valences to help you memorize and learn them because you need to be able to pull this information from your memory later when you do some basic math problems. flashcards are the fastest and most painless way to learn information and retain it.

    can you add, subtract, multiply and divide? do you remember the rules of working with fractions? this is all 8th grade level math. the only other thing you need to know is how to find "x" in a very basic equation from basic algebra--nothing fancy. the chemistry instructor will show you what you need to know about working with chemistry equations.

    here is a website for high school students that is pretty much what is covered in an introduction to chemistry course. you might want to bookmark it to use as a reference for when you take your chemistry class.
    as someone who has been a nurse for many years i have some words of wisdom about nursing and education for you. . .professional nurses are problem solvers. that is what nursing school is preparing professional nurses to do on their jobs beside attend to their patients. there wasn't a day that went by that i wasn't stamping out little fires that flared up all around me. getting through school is riddled with all kind of problems as well--fear of chemistry and math might be yours. as a full fledged professional you will be expected to take the bull by the horns and deal with and solve problems as they come up. here's your first big one--chemistry and math. how badly do you want to be a nurse? how firm is your resolve to succeed? to what lengths will you go to be successful in a chemistry class (no cheating allowed)? we all have our fights we have to fight. your character is what is really at question here. do you have the capacity to learn and the flexibility to analyze your mistakes and change? do you have what it takes to get to the finish line? real rns are strong leaders--battleships in action, tough, resolved, digging in and working away at getting a job done? is that you?
    i went to the link and every time i try and open upon the various subjects i get an error message, is there any other way to access these subjects on this webpage? thanks
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    i went to the link and every time i try and open upon the various subjects i get an error message, is there any other way to access these subjects on this webpage? thanks
    i've had this web link for a long time. it looks like they are redesigning the actual chemistry notes section (that's the "unit review" link on the top menu bar). the page we're linked into is links to other online resources for the subjects covered in the curriculum for basic high school chemistry. they are meant to be a supplemental help to these subject areas. the questions and study cards are still online. this redesigning of the site is new since i last accessed it. don't loose the link because this site has been active for a long time. the internet links may be good to explore.

    not to worry! i have a whole bunch of other weblinks for chemistry. i just happy to like the regent's prep site and chose to post it first. i have more!!! some of these are really much better! i just didn't know how serious you were about taking chemistry. check these out!
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    I had a really hard time with Chemistry, but I'm also horrible at math and it was mostly the equations that I had trouble with. As long as you pay attention and make sure to study, I'm sure you'll do fine. Good luck.
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    I think Chem is interesting but defenitely NOT my fav subject. theres alot involved. You MUST be dedicated! Just study study study...Best wishes.

    Amy Nurse2b
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    Personally, I think Chem sucked. However, it is necessary. So the best piece of advice I can give is to study hard, pay attention, and finish so you never have to do it again...