1. Hello ladies and gents..........
    A newcomer to this wonderful forum........i was wondering what gpa and net percentile would one more likely have to have to get into nursing school. I am currently a student at georgia perimeter college and have a 3.72 gpa. However, this semester my gpa may drop to a 3.66. First of all is there a waiting list for the nursing program at georgia perimeter, cost per semester, and lastly, how does a student go about coarse selection in nursing school. For example, you know how you have a choice in the prereq's and when to take those classes. Does the same apply in nursing school. How does one make out class schedule or is that done for you. Is gpc nursing school hard to get in to????? Trying to get this questions answered over the phone is seemingly impossible. No one picks up the phone!
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  3. by   Bicster
    You need to exhaustively check out your school's website, and schedule a sit down with an advisor.
  4. by   markuskristian
    Depends on how the college makes their selection. Some do a lottery for everyone above say 3.5 so some 4.0 students won't even get in. For the most part though... I would say 3.5 is considered good enough to get into most standard BSN programs.
  5. by   tfleuter
    Here is the webpage that gives the low down on the application process. You have probably already been through it, but just in case:

    According to the page, the next information session is May 22nd, which will probably be your best bet for getting the information you need. You can also try changing the title to "How competitive is Georgia Perimeter College" or something similar so that you have a better chance of finding someone on here who goes to that school. Your GPA is good, but every program is different, so what might be a very competitive score to one school, wouldn't have a chance in another. Good luck and I hope you get the information you need!!