How do you take notes?

  1. All of my classes are online except Professionals in Health, which is a minor class going over HIPAA, OSHA, professional behavior in the medical field, etc etc. Anyway, last week was my first class and the instructor covered a unit she calls learning to learn- it was basically on how to take notes, studying, being on time, all those "fun" things.

    Now I have always used the outline method when taking notes. But have been finding this time around it's really not working for me. My notes so far have been messy and almost impossible to study from. And I didn't seem to be retaining anything. I'm taking a refresher course for science, it goes over biology and chemistry basics and I have forgotten a lot. So there's a lot of info packed into each chapter along with a lot of mumbo jumbo.

    But anyway, I switched to the Cornell method for note taking and so far it seems so much easier. I don't know why I didn't do this before. I don't know if I'm using more paper but I don't care at this point. Just as long as I get good grades.

    How do you all take notes?
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  3. by   lisabeth
    In class, I jot brief notes on the outline, if we are given one. When I get home, I read the chapter and re-write notes on my own. This has worked well for me so far.
  4. by   casi
    I acctually came up with my own system than includes a lot of arrows. It's hard to describe, but it works for me. I find the whole 1,2,3 a,b,c labeling really doesn't work for me.
  5. by   ricced
    i agree with lisabeth every penny for ur tuition should be worth all your studying hours. eventually this should make you a better student
  6. by   AnxiousStrawberry
    I normally either underline, then turn that into an outline, and then pull the outline apart and put it on notecards.Or i just go right from book to notecard.
  7. by   ricced
    it is all about concentration. i usually sit on the front so there is no distraction and all ur attention is on the teacher. You can hear her clearly and her emphasizing of important concepts. I usually just write what is important off course you could get that if you read the book ahead of time. then i rewrite that the next day to make sense of it. hope this helps. good luck.
  8. by   AlishiaRN77
    I actually take notes differently. After receiving the syllabus I sit down at my desk calendar and write out when we are having certain chapter lectures....

    I read the chapter before the lecture happens, take notes while reading...

    Then when I'm in class, I pull out the notes that I wrote and highlight the items the teacher goes over. If the teacher provides an example or explains it in a simpler way that I understand it better, i write on the side of that section.

    Finally after I get home, i write it all out together into sections so that I understand the entire chapter completely. This has helped me with an instructor that i currently have who is horrible with lectures (goes SUPER fast through slides and talking) and takes more time out for labs.........hmmmm....

    I know that it's repetitive but I do retain it a lot easier, especially when i go back to do the chapter sample tests/online tests - before the actual exam in class.

    Good luck!
  9. by   Hotflashn
    I almost always record lectures. I take pretty good (though sloppy) notes, sometimes in outline form, and sometimes in sentences with underlining. If there is an outline or copies of powerpoints, I write on those as well. At times I will highlight in the book if there is much in class reference to the text. I definitely keep the reorder on if there is any kind of test review offered. I listen to the lectures again on the ride home. I try to consolidate everything, type up and sometimes even transcribe the recordings verbatim, as soon after class as I can. On listening to the recordings, I can sometimes hear subtle inflections that give away answers.

    This was my most extreme case, many classes don't need this kind of time consuming treatment. For the bioscience prereqs I absolutely relied on this system. I would also create my own "mini-lectures" for test prep on my digital recorder, highlighting the important stuff. Just reading it into the recorder was a great way to study. Once I got used to the awful sound of my own voice, I have found it SO HELPFUL. I can listen in the car, while running errands, while housecleaning and even while exercising. Plus since it is made from MY notes and is MY voice, I sort of OWN it. I know I put that info in there, so I know I can retrieve it when I need it, it is mine, not the professor's, and not the text's. It is in my own words and my own voice.