How did you do on the NET?

  1. I was just wondering how everyone did on the reading portion of the NET. There were 33 questions to be completed in 30 minutes. I did not finish this portion of the test. I am totally stressed out about it, I consider myself to excel in reading so I'm just curious to know how the rest of you guys did in that area. I was so unfocused on the day of the exam because I had just found out my sister had cervical cancer. Do you think they will let me take it again due to the circumstances. I don't even know how I did on the test but I would hate to have a bad day be the reason why I wasn't accepted to Nursing school. Nancy
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  3. by   mysterious_one
    I was not able to finish as well, but it depends on how many points are required for you to pass. Don't get discouraged yet. We also had two tries to pass.
  4. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hi LucyT

    I took the NET last August, as our school had just implemented the test. The passing rate was originally set at 60% for both math and reading, but they changed it 2 different times to eventually lower it to 60% for math and 45% for reading, as everyone was failing it. I made 87 on math and 55% on the reading, which about sent me to tears. On the Accuplacer I made a 93% and 7 on the writing, which was the highest writing you could receive. Well, we found out that they were doing the wrong test, so we have to retake it again before applying to the program. They were using science reading which is suppose to be much harder than just the regular test, so...we will see. I am taking it again next week, so I will let you know how this one goes~

  5. by   chairol
    I took the NET last Thursday. What makes the reading section tough is the time constraint. 33 questions in 30 mins is cutting it real close. I finished 29/33 questions in the 30 min. BUT....if we had extra time on other sections we could go back to any previous section to finish up. You could always go back, but never ahead. So I was able to finish all my questions. Was this how it was for everyone else? I'll let you know how I did when I get my test scores back..hope it went well
  6. by   matsgrl
    I couldnt go back to previous questions.

    I did finish my reading - I didnt feel crunched in time. Maybe because I read fast?

    I did REALLY well on my test. I was very happy!
  7. by   *Blessed2BaNRS*
    Hey LucyT,
    I took the NET on Tuesday and it was much better than last August, but even though the reading was changed from Scientific Reading, it was still a more advanced reading than the Accuplacer or THEA. I made a 92% on it, so I did much better, but I was still disappointed with the grade. The time constraints were not a problem for me though, as I read fast, so I was able to answer everything within the time frame. Just focus on reading fast, but thoroughly, and be sure to read each question all the way through. The questions can be tricky, and I had to go back and reread a few of them and the passages. We had one procter telling us that if we got stuck on a question, to answer "A" on them, because the test was heavily weighed with "A" answers, and in fact one girl I have class with was telling us all that, but that doesn't mean that your particular school is like that, nor would I recommend answering all the questions as "A!" There was a new part on there though that I didn't have on the 1st test. It was a test taking skills part, and some of the things they were asking I had never even heard of! I don't think that they count that, as it was with the Science part of the test and our school only looks at Reading and Math. Anyway, I did very well on the rest of the Science, so if they do look at that, they will see 100's! Woohoo! Good luck with your test and let us know how it goes~

  8. by   ukbsktbll
    I took it a few times last summer and couldnt seem to score high enough on the reading/science part. I didnt understand that cause I do extremely well in both reading and science. I don't think we were allowed to go back to previous sections. Maybe because the sections after the reading were short times and there really was no time to go back. Does anyone know a good place for tutoring for it. I am thinking of retrying soon and hope to do much better.