Horrible Chem Professor...

  1. I'm attending FSCJ and currently working towards finishing pre-reqs in the next year or so. Right now, I'm in a Chem class (have to take it in order to take Microbiology) and my professor is just terrible! We're 5 weeks into the class and over 3 chapters behind schedule. He canceled class this week because he was going to be out of town. Class never starts on time, never gets through half of what we're slated to do, labs are a joke...

    I'm worried that I'm not going to learn what I need to know in order to do well in Micro. This class won't count towards my points in order to get into the nursing program and it's too late to drop or withdraw without going to the dean for special permission.

    Should I just tough it out and take my chances? Is there anything in Chem that I really need to know in order to understand Micro better? I've been pretty much teaching myself anyway, so whatever I need to know I don't mind researching on my own.
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  3. by   happy2learn
    Well, I'm sure you have to pass to even be allowed into Micro. At this point, you have to suffer through it, and hope you pass. I would complain to the Dean. At my school, there was a problem with 1 teacher and 95% of the class went to the Dean and that teacher changed for the better.

    I don't remember anything from Chemistry. Mine transferred from high school. I think you learn all you need to know in Micro itself.
  4. by   purvislets
    Thanks for the reply!

    I will need to pass the class in order to get into Micro. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that he's not going to try and lump all the chapters together towards the end of the semester and that I'll at least be able to stay on track with what he does give us.

    It's good to know that what I learn in Chem won't directly translate to Micro, so as long as I get a good Micro professor I'll be happy.

    I wish FSCJ would extend the drop deadline for classes that only meet once a week. It doesn't do the student any good because you only get the first class to test out the professor's method of teaching!
  5. by   CareerStudent
    I have a feeling we may have had the same professor. Are you taking it at the North Campus? The Professor was a nice guy but he was so absent minded. I ended up getting an A anyway. I'm taking Micro now, having had a solid chemistry class may have helped a little, but whatever you need to know you'll learn in class as long as you have a good teacher. I'm actually considering withdrawing from the class only because I will be able to devote more time to it next semester.
  6. by   purvislets
    Yep, I'm at North Campus. Probably the same professor. You can tell he knows what he's talking about but he's so focused on making sure that no one gets left behind that the entire class is behind schedule. He's been focusing on making sure people can multiply (not kidding) instead of teaching us what is required. It's very frustrating!

    I'm going to be devoting an entire semester to Micro when I get there (A&P I and II as well) so that I can focus fully on that course. Gonna do my research next time and make sure I get a professor who's a little less absent minded!
  7. by   juliaann
    For what it's worth, I took Microbiology last fall after taking Chem I 6 years ago. And when I did take Chem I, I had taken it pass/fail, put in minimal effort, and didn't retain a thing (I'm not proud of it, I was a little more excited about some other things in my life seeing as how I was living away from home for the first time, getting the "college experience").

    Micro last fall was a breeze. Easy "A" for me, and there was minimal chem knowledge needed in my course. I picked everything I needed (which wasn't much) back up really quickly. It was a *lot* of reading and application and critical thinking, but not very technical.

    Now I'm taking Chem II in a fast-track summer session, and *that* is kicking my butt. I'm really regretting my silly freshman ways now.

    Maybe you can contact a micro professor at your school and ask their opinion? Ask what concepts they feel are really important for you to absorb before micro...otherwise, enjoy just getting chem over with!