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  1. I received an invitation today to join Honors English class. I am happy about it but also concerned that I might not be able to attend it since my schedule just doesn't support it and I would have to give up psychology because of it and I don't want to do that.

    I just wanted to ask you: does it show on my GPA? Does it have any benefits, extra credits? This is my first time, and I have no idea what the deal is.

    I will see my advisor Monday but was curious to hear your comments.
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  3. by   Little Lisa
    Congratulations for being invited into the Honors Program!

    I applied to and was accepted into the Honors Program at my college. I talked to the dean of the Honors Program and shared my concerns about being in the program while also in the nursing program. He told me it would be possible, but a lot of work. Then while trying to work everything into my schedule, I was told by the registrar that it was logistically impossible to be in both programs schedule wise. They told me that I could do the first two years of the honors degree program and then drop out of it once I was officially accepted into the nursing program, because with clinicals, there is no way to fit in the Honors Program.

    It is something to think about. In the end, I passed on the Honors Program so I could really focus on my pre-reqs and nursing classes. I didn't need the added stress. It was exciting to be accepted into it, but in the long run, I'm glad that I'm not in in.

    Are you really interested in English? I personally would rather take psychology. These are things you'll have to ask yourself and your advisor. Also, I found that I would rather focus on the classes that will help me in my major and profession - being in Honors English just didn't seem to be worth it in the end.

    Sorry, that wasn't helpful - but I was in the same boat as you. It's a decision that you personally will have to make, but I think that in the long run, it may be more worthwhile to pass it up. It's an accomplishment just to be invited into the program. Congrats to that!
  4. by   nursestudentin05
    Yes, it was helpful, thanks I like to hear other's experiences.
    To tell you the truth, I am not really interested in English but somehow, I always end up with a great grade, comes naturally

    I do need to check with my advisor and definitely don't see much benefit in the long run. I will be taking Anatomy this semester and would like to focus on that as much as possible.

    Thanks again and good luck to you
  5. by   garn2b
    Hello fellow Georgian. Congrats on such an accomplishment. I just wanted to chime in and suggest that in the event that you decide not to take the Honors English, hold onto whatever invitation you received and use it to build your portfolio and resume for the future.

    All the best.
  6. by   youknowho
    last fall I was inducted into the Honors program at my school. I was debating taking Physiology w/ Honors but decided against it in the end. Although I would have liked to see that little *H* by my Physio grade I just did not want the extra stress. It was not that much extra work, just a 10 page paper but on top of all my other work I would have been spread too thin. I did get my A in Physio which is fine with me, even without Honors.
  7. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    In my opinion, an H next to my grade won't mean anything to me unless it has an A! If I can make A's in a regular class, and B's in honors, I'd take the regular classes.

    I really think it all has to do with what you want to do...what will make you happy. Talk to your advisor, and make the best decision for your life.

    ...and congrats for being offered the honors class...my English instructor asked me if I was given the option to clep out after she read my first paper...it was a great feeling...although I wouldn't have used the clep option even if it was offered to me. lol