Hi! Starting college in fall 2013, going to do pre-reqs for BSN nursing program :D!!

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to get myself started in the forum . Anyways I'm graduating high school, and I'm starting college in the fall. Both my boyfriend and I are planning on becoming nurses. We would love to be able to reach a APN level. We are going a junior college that happens to be right behind our house (very convenient!) where we will be going for approximately 2 years to do our general education and prerequisite requirements. Then we will apply and hopefully get accepted in the nursing program we are applying to. Our first and probably only choice is Sacramento State's nursing program. It's a bsn program which we are aiming for, and we wouldn't have to relocate. The only other 2 programs in the area are adn and they are a lottery system. Sacramento State is perfect for us ! It's a BSN program and students are chosen based on a point system. I heard it is very competitive but we will try our hardest and work our asses off for the next 2 years to land our dream job ! I'm so excited I can't wait.

    Oh and what do you guys think about these prereqs.. any helpful tips?
    1. English 1A (any G.E. Area A2 course)
    2. Oral Communication (any G.E. Area A1 course)
    3. Critical Thinking (any G.E. Area A3 course)
    4. Quantitative Reasoning (Statistics is recommended; any G.E. Area B4 course is acceptable.)
    5. Organic Chemistry (with in-class lab)
    6. Anatomy or Anatomy and Physiology I (with in-class lab)
    7. Physiology or Anatomy and Physiology II (with in-class lab)
    8. Microbiology (with in-class lab)
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  3. by   Ms.Frank
    English 1a is easy in my course we had about four papers and two weeks to do each, make sure if you are not a strong writer you are using outside sources at your college for help on your papers. Oral communication was very easy, in my course I just had to do two presentations, simple! Anatomy and physiology its one of my most interesting courses yet, (I like to learn) but it does require your time memory, and understanding. Just for a heads up pace yourself with your courses and make sure you do your best and good luck to you.
  4. by   Sparrow91
    I would try and stager out the science classes so you only have one per semester, that was what I did and it made it a lot less stress full! Good luck on your journey, we are all here for you guys!
  5. by   Itssuzii
    Alright Thanks guys !