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Ok so im so nervous im considering whether to go for rn or not im not very good at math i recognize that is one of my weakest subject an well im so nervous will i be ok as a registered nurse im so... Read More

  1. by   hodgieRN
    Quote from x_factor
    The OP was using English, and was not speaking in chat or text speak. I took the OP's original post as a young, energetic highschool student, likely on their cellphone, who missed a few grammar punctuations. So? I love English myself and I'm all for proper punctuation, but the OP was looking for advice on her future, not for a proof-reading of her writing.

    I also think that when calling out a member only to make a snide comment about their grammar, it's a GOOD idea to check their own grammar as well. You have as many grammar mistakes in this one sentence as the OP did. Lack of proper capitalization, missing a comma, run-on sentence, it's GOOD, not GUD, "med maths"?, and you forgot the period.

    Just sayin'.
    I think it was meant to be a joke.
  2. by   JLB1215
    Quote from alondrap2003
    Ok so im so nervous im considering whether to go for rn or not im not very good at math i recognize that is one of my weakest subject an well im so nervous will i be ok as a registered nurse im so nervous any one can comment to answer my question?

    Will i be fine as a registered nurse i havent started college yet an im nervous was it like that for some of you guys ??????
    You will be fine! I was nervous too and still am nervous, even as a junior. The best part about being in the program is you get in and EVERYONE feels the same as you and is going through the same thing so it makes it that much easier to get through. You also make great friends! Math is NOT my strongest suit either. It may sounds corny but believe in yourself! You know more than you think you do.
  3. by   begosh
    Don't let fear of math or anything else deter your dreams of becoming a nurse. The best solutions are to ask questions, get involved and collaborate with your peers and you will do just fine. Good luck to you!
  4. by   Graduation2016
    I have been HORRIBLE at Math my whole life and yet I'm determined to not let it stop me. You can do this! Look for a tutor if possible(I plan on doing that) and practice, practice, practice!
  5. by   x_factor
    I also highly recommend YouTube to help you with math, there are some awesome tutorial videos on there that have really broken down some of the harder concepts and made them easier for me to understand. So as you are going through your math class, check YouTube for videos related to what you are studying each class period.
  6. by   queserasera
    Math is not my jam either. But once I entered college I worked my way through the developmental math courses, took college algebra and am now in pre-calc! You can do anything you put your mind to and definitely don't hesitate to ask for help along the way. I spent countless hours with tutors in the math lab to understand concepts. Also, Khanacademy.com has helped me tremendously as far as 'getting' it. Good luck!
  7. by   studentnurrseRN
    Hi! I am in my first year of Nursing School. I graduated highschool in 2010 and I am terrible at math. You think you're bad, I bet I'm worse! But honestly as long as you are fine in science and most other subjects which I'm sure you are the math will not hold you back. If you want to be a nurse bad enough I promise nothing can stop you. I was one I those people who hated school in highschool and once I graduated I realized it was the rest o my life I had to lose and turned it around So don't worry being a nurse and being bad at math is possible!
  8. by   perioddrama
    First off, congratulations on wanting to pursue nursing!

    Second off, the math required in nursing school (and eventually your career) is not on the level of geometry (ugh!) or even calculus (bigger ugh!). The math needed is basic algebra.

    Starting nursing school is a nerve-racking experience since nursing is vastly different from the subjects taught and regurgitated in high school. While it may be different and difficult at times, just remember that you can do it! You will survive!

    Good luck!