Hey, anyone else go the CNA, LPN, RN route?

  1. Well you seem to be just the person i've been looking for. I'm curruently a CNA, and im in school to become a RN, but i'ved been advised to go the LPN to RN route. I'd love to pick your brain a little, nothing to extensive just snips of advice. Look foward to chatting with you.
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  3. by   heyhey
    Hi there,
    My advice is only do the LPN if you are self deciplined enough to finish the RN after. If you are young and do not have to support yourself just get the RN. It took me 10 years of being a LPN to go back and finish. There were many factors as to why I waited. I don't know your situation but sometimes it is hard to go back.
  4. by   missmarkeita
    i got this plan all worked out and excuted in my head. I think it would just be great, if i could just hear from anyone whose actually gone this route and might have some insight on it. I'm a current CNA in school full time for my ASN, but i'm going the LPN to RN route. I eventually aspire to be a nurse practioner, which means i haven't even scratched the surface on my schooling yet! I'm excited about being in school and it makes me feel great that everyday im getting a day closer to my goal.
    I'd love to hear from anyone whose gone this route. I'm also open for suggetions.:spin:
  5. by   natrgrrl
    The CC I attend requires the CNA and LPN before continuing to RN. I actually want to do this because it's all additional experience if I plan on working while in school, which I do.After my 2 year RN, I will go to get my BSN, then maybe NP or something in rural health.
    One of my lab partners said that he can get his 2 years of working experience for the CRNA program while he is working on his BSN. That means he can enter the CRNA program earlier.
  6. by   newbeginnings07
    I'm a CNA and will soon begin an LPN and RN(1+1) program,as do you I also have plans of getting my BSN and MSN to become either an NP or CRNA