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  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm a student at UC Davis, and I'm currently taking general chemistry. This is the first class I have struggled with since I've been in college. Right now I am sitting at a C+/B- mark, but the final is coming up soon and it is 40% of my grade.
    For the first two midterms I studied for a week straight and still barely managed a C+ and B-.

    Does anyone have any chemistry study tricks or tips? Any general chem advice?

    I'm just worried that I'm already struggling with chem, and I still have to take another quarter of general chem, and 2 quarters of O Chem. I hope it doesn't hurt my chances of getting in to schools.

    Thanks so much
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  3. by   weluv3
    I haven't taken Chem yet (only have to take one course, so sorry you have to take so many!) but I was at Barnes and Noble the other night and saw they have some handy study aides in the test taking section....maybe those might help? Maybe a tutor?

    Good luck!
  4. by   bhanson
    It might help if you post some examples of what you're having trouble with. Chemistry is more understanding the concepts than anything else. A lot of people find it difficult because it forces you to think abstractly.

    Once you "get" the concepts the rest is pretty easy.
  5. by   strawberryluv
    I am taking chemistry too. It is hell! I am making a 79% in that class. The only class I am struggling with.
  6. by   78taylor99
    I am taking chemistry this term, and I have a good grade so far. In addition to studying the material, do you also spend time solving practice problems? I complete practice problems for each chapter, and I will sometimes redo our homework problems right before a test. What are some specific areas that are causing you trouble?
  7. by   Chinook2
    I'd recommend you check out Khan academy. It's a very approachable resource that offers free lessons on a wide variety of topics including about a hundred chemistry topics. Check it out:

    Khan Academy
  8. by   amlmezzo
    I recommend the Complete Idiot's Guide to Chemistry.... VERY easy to understand It made things crystal-clear for me.
  9. by   Jmb002
    Like someone else said, if you have specific things you are struggling with I would be glad to help. I just got out of Chemistry (I passed the class with a B....1 stinkin point from an A). I struggled a bit here and there, but basically got it! I studied a TON! I probably spent 10-12 hours a week at times studying not including class time. We didn't have a great teacher and that didn't help. Good luck.
  10. by   zbb13
    Just the thought of having to sit through Chemistry freaked me out. Half of the battle was to relax. Then, I studied constantly, particularly the reactions. I did problems over and over and over until I knew I got them and they were correct. You might want to find a tutor to help. I had a very patient teacher, and he repeated the material when I didn't get it (really nice person). He knew I was working hard, and he was available before or after class to help also. It was painful, but I got the A. Good luck
  11. by   shaas
    If you are struggling with general chemistry, you will struggle with o-chem. Although two are vastly different animals, the process of understanding the material is similar. However, some people do better with o-chem.

    As of now, are you on redox, Handerson-Hasselbach Eqn, pKa, pOH, and pH, etc.? Or, are you on nomenclature, stoichiometry, calculating % yield and composition, bonding properties, and VSEPR?

    Be specific on topics and we may be able to help. In the mean time, here is a general (inorg) chem tutorial:

    You need to find your weak areas and address them as soon as possible. Rote memorization of fundamentals (e.g. rules, names, etc.) is implicit in any study; chemistry requires comprehension if you want to ace it. I'm sorry that I do not have a magic bullet. But, what I'm suggesting is the same as what many people have found to be 'tested and true.'

    Try to post a question/unclear concept and those of us who know the subject will gladly help.

    Good luck.