help me please am loosing it

  1. Hello to all,
    I have been out of high school for 3yrs now, big mistake i didn go to college right after, i regret this everyday.Well now i have decide to go back to school, my passion has always been nursing. I have decided to do LPN first, in order to be able to support my self while i further my education. I have failed the first LPN entrance exam and have one more chance left in order to be accepted into the program. this school that am taking the exam at does not allow students to use calculator, am loosing it her disappointments has started to kick in. After the first exam i recently bought a study guide to help me out. please! please! please! is ther any suggestion to help increase my chance of passing.

    any suggestion is greatly appreciated thanks in advance.
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  3. by   Antikigirl
    I don't know the type of questions for LPN since I went straight into RN. However, if they are about typical nursing things, and math...I may suggest some cool textbooks that really helped me out big time!

    "Nursing Made Incredibly Easy" series of books! They have A/P, Nursing Math, Fluid/electrolytes, chem..the whole bit! If it weren't for these cool books, I don't think I would have done as well at all!

    I have a question for you. I love LPN's and think it is an awesome choice. However...have you considered doing a two year RN program instead then go on to your BSN while you work as an RN? If you go LPN, then isn't that much more school then if you are already an RN as you go for your BSN (two year RN's get out with an ADN, but take the very same NCLEX)? Just a thought... I just know in my area (which differs) that LPN's are having a difficult time finding jobs...may not be true of your area.

    I have my two year, and soon will start up school again (online) for my BSN now that I have a stable job in a great company! They pay 75% tuition so whoooooo hoooooooo!

    Good luck with your choice...and don't beat yourself up for taking time after high school! I did, and I think that really focused me on the value of learning far more than if I had gone straight out of school! I was more responsible a few years after HS...and knew my own self better...a big bonus for LPN or RN school!
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  4. by   luv4all
    lots of thanks to u traig i appreciate ever information.
  5. by   Daytonite
    This site has a few questions you can do for practice for free:

    I wasn't clear with what you were looking for. Are you having problems with just math? Or other subjects as well? There are preparation manuals that you can purchase for under $30 to help you with these entrance tests.

    For help with basic math and doing some practice problems for free, read this post I made earlier today to another student Just follow the instructions in the post.
  6. by   luv4all
    yes my main problem really is math, and thanks for the help, very good information u provided. Am starting right now.
  7. by   Daytonite
    i'm also linking you into the basic math page at by clicking on the basic math functions, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, you will be taken to pages explaining these operations. there may also be some simple problems for you to work, but i would use the for that since the number of problems that site can generate for you to work is unlimited and it is free. when you feel ready to go beyond the basic math at this site, you can click on the "select subject" drop down menu at the top left and chose your poison! you might want to venture into some of the subjects under "everyday math". the math questions you are being asked on the pre-nursing admission tests is often at about the pre-algebra level and not usually much higher, so i wouldn't proceed into algebra unless you've had it before. you don't want to get confused.
  8. by   LMRN10
    I'm sorry you didn't get in the first time. You are definitely taking a step in the right direction by getting the study guide. I took the NLN test and didn't get in for this Fall's semester. All you can do is will do it!!

    I didn't get my LPN, so I am really no help there, but I am sure the study guide and the fact that you've taken it once and know somewhat what the test entails should help you the second time around!!

    Good luck!!