HELP: Indecisive male nursing student (pre) can't make a decision moving forward

  1. Hi there! I'm just going to start off with explaining my situation and the possibilities I have for the upcoming year.

    My name is Kevin, I am currently 22 and currently attending a local community college taking pre-nursing classes (microbiology, a&p I and II). I attended a state school for 2.5 years majoring in psychology before deciding that I wanted to become a nurse.

    I currently have two options moving forward.

    Option 1
    Wait around 1-2 years to get into the community college nursing program (big wait list). and obtain my ASN within 2 years. (3-4 years total approx). And than either work or transfer to another college to obtain my BSN (another 2 years).
    Pros- the cost ( moderately expensive 45k <bsn+asn>, but cheaper than my 2nd option)
    Cons - the amount of time ;-(

    Option 2
    Get into a BSN Program (currently waiting on their answer) that will take up to 2.5 years. If i get in ill be accepted into the fall 2018 semester.
    Pros - less time
    Cons - Very expensive, private college ( around 75k on top of the 45k of student loans I've already taken at previous college). Also an 1hr+ commute to the school.

    I'm extremely motivated to become a nurse and have been doing well in all my classes. My dream is to become an ICU nurse or work as a fireman. Money and time seem to be the biggest deciding factors. Is there anyone out there that has been through the same experiences that I'm facing now? As of right now my option is to go with option #2 simply because I will finish faster with a BSN. I would love to hear your opinion or story! thank you!
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  2. Poll: What option should I go with

    • Attend community college, get ADN + RN license , than obtain BSN

      80.00% 4
    • Go to private school and get BSN + RN

      20.00% 1
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  4. by   idkmybffjill
    If I couldn't find an option 3 school that has less of a wait list and isn't expensive, then I'd chose option 1.

    For me, that extra 35k knocks option 2 out of the running. 120k in student loans? That's going to take far, far too long to pay back, and at that point, waiting an extra year or two could save you several years of loan payments and interest.

    Plus, you can use the year you are waiting to work as much as you can and try to pay down some of your current loans so you won't owe as much once you complete your ADN.

    You may also be able to complete an RN to BSN program somewhere else that will be less expensive because you can just find an online program and do it while you work full time.
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    First- not sure what you being a guy has to do with it but OK.....

    Second, you want to be an RN or a firefighter? How about decide that FIRST, then weigh your options educationally.
  6. by   direw0lf
    Have you compared financial aid and internal scholarships? That private school might be a lot less $$ than what tuition states.
  7. by   broughden
    1. Do you want to be a fireman or a nurse? No reason to get a BSN to then go to the fire academy.

    2. If you have completed your AA requirements there is no reason to get an ASN and then turn around and get your BSN. They generally have the same time requirements. Just go straight to getting your BSN.