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I was wondering if anyone who on a waiting list has been accepted into a nursing program. If so, did you know your ranking on the wait list? I'm just trying to figure out my chances of getting in. ... Read More

  1. by   CaffeinePRN
    I submitted my application in Jan of 08 at my school. I was number 746 or so on the wait list.
    But this was more or less a chronological list. They also have a list based on the grades in the pre-req classes just to get on the wait list (English, Anatomy, Micro, Phsy)...I got 3 A's and a B. It only took me a year to get to 350 on the chronological list and then I got my acceptance letter...just took the TEAS last week. Now I'm just waiting to see if I'll get in this fall or next spring.

    I was speaking with a classmate and found out there were 6 students who passed the TEAS last October and were supposed to start the program this semester (Spring '09). However, due to lack of funds they had to wait until this fall. Wether or not this means anyone from this most recent TEAS exam will have to wait, I dunno...
    [keeping fingers crossed..]