GPA not good enough?

  1. As of now, i am taking my pre-req classes. I met with my advisor to see how my academic standing are. I understand that it is competitive to enter the program but the requirement says that you need atleast a 30 Gpa. Currently, i have a 3.64 GPA. She said i wasnt likely to be part of the Top 20, Top 30 or even Top 50. Is that GPA not good enough? If not, i dont mind spending money for classes again at a community college. I know that there are many brilliant people but im trying especially in math, but i manage yet it looks like its not good enough. I still want to try!
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  3. by   maddiem
    I think you have a great GPA! But it also depends on just how competitive this program is as well...If they have an enormous amount of applicants, then your GPA may not be as good as some other people who apply who have 4.0's. If I were you, I would find some back up schools just in case you don't get in to the school you are planning on applying to now. There is a school in my area that is like this and you pretty much need a 3.85-4.0 to get in just because they get like 800 applicants for 75 spots...
  4. by   PreNursing16
    Thank you! I will certainly try to apply at other places!
  5. by   MommaTy
    I got accepted with a 2.97 GPA. My school only requires the very least GPA of 2.5. Good luck.
  6. by   PreNursing16
    What school did you attend? Did you take your TEAS test? If so, what was the benchmark of acceptance? Thanks for sharing!
  7. by   ThatOneDude822
    I'm guessing you go to a school with an extremely impacted program? Programs with a large amount of applicants generally require near-perfect GPAs.

    You actually have a pretty good GPA, but you may have to do some "school hunting" to find a school that's a little less impacted. I go to a CSU in California and my school deceives about 350-400 applicants a year with an average 3.63 GPA and 81-83 TEAS V score. You should be able to find a school that fits your profile, but like I said earlier it might take some researching.

    Good luck!!
  8. by   AspiringRN26
    I think your gpa is great! I currently have a 3.0 & I have some pre-reqs left so I can boost it but I may take an additional course or retake a course to boost it further. My school required a minimum of 2.0 but recently bumped it to 2.5. It sounds like your school is highly impacted as the ithers said. I think u should give it a shot anyway but look at other schools or consider taking an additional course or two to boost the gpa