GPA concerns...can I fix it?

  1. Hey everyone...

    We're all going through the same journey so I figured it can't hurt to ask for some advice.

    I am almost 27 and decided to go back to school to finish what I started. Despite the many careers I've thought off it always has come back to nursing so I am going to do it this time. Obviously, with the age difference I'm taking college much more serious with more focus then before BUT I have a lot of fixing to do.

    I signed up for college when I finished HS because it was the right thing to do... I had NO focus and ended up leaving and working full time for the next 7 years. I left school with a 1.36 GPA. Horrible, I know but I promise I am by no means stupid...I just seriously didn't apply myself and eventually stopped going.

    The problem is I now have to work my to get it fixed. I've tried multiple GPA calculators to get an idea of what I can realistically get and I am a bit disappointed. The requirement to get in is 2.5 but realistically people who get in have 3.5 and higher.

    I know I can get A's NOW but how can I fix it when I only have a couple of classes to do...I have a glimmer of hope and was told by a counselor that for example if I retake ENC1101 and get an A my D in the past will be removed? Is this true? What do you guys know about this and what advice can you give me. I plan to put my all into every class even if it takes longer but if I could retake classes that I previously got a F in *because I didn't go enough* then will those grades be removed?
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  3. by   LeO13
    Yes you can replace your old grades, given that you retake them again. I know many students who even fail on purpose, so they can retake the course for a better grade. Just make sure the institution still have the exact same course offered. True story, my colleague wanted to retake a class she failed 6 years ago, but found out they stopped offering it, so she didn't get the luxury of retaking it again.
  4. by   Aly529
    Luckily most of mine are basics that I will be retaking -so I'm glad to hear that's an option. I should have asked here more while I was there but I didn't.

    Also, hoping that since these were 7 years ago they'll look at my current record more and retaking won't look so bad. I just have to do extremely well.
  5. by   Brekka
    I'm not sure how your college works, but if you speak with your counselor you should be able to find out. In my college if you did horribly on something, you had an option of taking it over again and the higher grade would replace the lower grade. Also, don't be afraid of extra classes. Through my time gaining prerequisite courses I took many non-applicable classes along side for some added good grades. I took many art classes, horticulture, or other fun classes.

    Also, if you decide to go for it, start applying as soon as possible, as students who have applied more than once usually get priority over first applicants of the same qualification ranges. If you really want it and are willing to work hard for it, you will get the chance.
  6. by   snow_bear
    See if your school will let you start from scratch and retake all of the classes that will be applied to your ASN-RN. The other classes may not be factored into your pre-nursing GPA, but double-check with your school on their policy.
  7. by   Aly529
    Thanks for the advice everyone.
    I had the idea to take extra classes too (easier ones).
    They don't let you start over so to say...I already asked. My degree gpa is 2.25 though. My overall is 1.36.

    I'm going to go back and talk to her at the end of the summer term and ask more questions. It sounds like if I work hard enough I can get there so I gotta stop thinking about all the negatives. I can't take back what I did before... HINT: lesson to those fresh to college reading
  8. by   mangopeach
    It differs at each institution, but see if you are eligible for academic amnesty, that would wipe the slate clean. If not then depending on the rules of the program you want to get into, you may be able to replace the old grades. Just make sure you find out the rules for each program because they can differ a whole lot from one institution to the next. Like only being able to repeat 1 pre-req or averaging the old grade with the new vs replacing it. Do your research.

    Having said that, I can definitely relate. The first time around I went to college, right out of high school I did not do well because I had no focus. Went back several years later, (degree in another field) - Finished with a 3.0 - decided to pursue nursing several years later and raised my GPA even higher and was accepted to nursing school so its not impossible. Have you taken your sciences yet? If you have, check to see that they are still valid. Most schools have "expiration dates" for science and some do for math as well. That would be in your favor, since you would have a clean slate to do them over if they are expired.

    Good luck!
  9. by   Aly529
    Thanks for understanding. No, no sciences yet. I mainly took math, english, sociology and psychology. I did so good in some (A's in psychology and sociology) and COULD have done really well in others IF I WENT TO CLASS. None of my courses are expired. Taking English, Math and Spanish *humanities credit* this summer and plan to ace every single one. I have NO other choice otherwise I'm wasting my money and time.
  10. by   GirlDotson
    I just wanted to say go you fo going back to school. I had my first baby when I was 15 and dropped out of HS in my first semester of my freshman year. I didn't even consider going to college, let alone having a career. I never thought I couldn't hack college, so I put that thought behind me. Then, when I was 24, I decided to get my GED. Nowadays you can't get job that pays above minimum wage if you don't have your hs diploma or ged. So, without a prep class, I just went and took the test. I passed the first time. I was thrilled. I decided that college was in my future. I started the following fall, and dropped out before the semester was over. I left with all F's.

    A few years past. I matured. I decided to do it again, but this time I was going to put 110% in. I started with University of Phoenix for a teaching degree...obviously I changed to nursing. I wanted to go into nursing, but didn't think I had the nite smarts. But the, after I had a few algebra, history, and english classes under my belt, I soon realized Idid have the smarts.
    Anyhow, my point is, you CAN fix your grades. You can get A's and B's. You just ahve to really apply yourself. You can't put studying off because you've had a long day at work or with the kids. You have to be very dedicated. Somebody on another thread mentioned setting up a routine, setting a few hours everynight just to study.
    I made it through two years @ phoenix and am now studying EVERYDAY and NIGHT for the teas test I will be taking in a few weeks. If I don't get into the nursing program, it won't be because I didn't study or work hard enough.

    Use the stories on the forum as inspiration. There are so many different lives that have gone through the same or the equivalent of your situation.

    Best of luck!
  11. by   Aly529
    Thanks for sharing your story. I have no idea why I waited so long but I'm glad it clicked. I'm focused and ready now and I'm there because I want to be not because it's the "proper" thing to do. I think many college kids (kids,lol listen to me I sound like an old lady) anyway, many young adults fresh out of high school enroll in college because it's what everyone tells them they should do but some are just not ready.
  12. by   sanu22
    yes u can!!!