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i have orientation for an associate's degree rn program tonight at a local community college. boy, am i nervous - about anything and everything. in high school, i was pretty smart - honor roll. now,... Read More

  1. by   tex42cares
    It must be our time.. Feels so good !! If any of you have read any of my other posts , you will know that I come from the world of Sales, HR Staffing & Recruitment-over 15+ yrs exp. I highly encourage everyone to start increasing your network of Dept Heads,Hr,Recruitment and CNO's. Once in our Core Classes you must build up your "salesmanship" skills. The most important product or service you will ever sell is YOU.
  2. by   NICUorbust
    Add me to the list! I'm hopefully (fingers and toes crossed) enrolling in the fall at Chamberlain college (3 yr BSN). I'm turning 40 in Sept. a mom of 5, ages 20-5 and finishing what I started a LONG LONG LONG time ago! It's great to not be "alone."

  3. by   Cekua01
    Thanks to you all for your post. I've been out of school for 10+ years and am working full time, married with a 2 yr old, plus one on the way. I'm feeling really motivated to get started after the baby, but I was a little discouraged thinking maybe I can't handle it with all I have going on. I'll never know unless I try. Hope we all make it!!
  4. by   determined_30
    I am a 32 year old mother of four and have always dreamed of becoming a nurse. I started taken prerequisites a while back and kept putting it of due to family life. So I decided after my son is in school I will continue taking my prerequisites at full force. I have a soc class, gen. bio class A&P 1 AND 2, micro, and a nutrition class to complete. I want to get all my prerequisites done before I apply so I can concentrate more on the actual nursing classes once I get in.
  5. by   Boxer Mama
    I am 34 years old and I am in the third semester of prerequisite classes now, hoping to apply to the RN program after this summer semester! Becoming a nurse is something I have wanted for many years and I finally jumped in last summer. I find that I am a better student now than I was back when I first went to college. I am loving my classes and I do like studying. It is a nice break from being "mom" of my three kids. Good luck!!!!!
  6. by   bmc90000
    i'm also 42 and headed back to school. i just retired from the military; my career field isn't doing so well in this economy. i will be headed back to school next month and only six classes will transfer. my focus is helping all my brothers and sisters who are injured, in doing so it will also help me. good luck
  7. by   caellen
    Hi, I just wanted to tell you if you can, do not take micro and a&P at the same time with other classes. I'm taking A&P, Micro, Psych. and Nutrition and it's really a lot of work! Especially if you have kids and/or work. Good luck!
  8. by   rubato
    So glad I found the thread of "experienced" students!

    I'm almost 42, never went to college, and decided to just get my certification as a personal trainer instead. Then, 12 years as a stay-at-home mom.

    I'm in my 3rd semester of college now and hope to be accepted into the fall RN program here, at my local CC. I have been kicking butt and taking names. These youngsters do not have the focus, drive or deadline that I do. I've taken more than full time credit hours all 3 semesters and have a 4.0 and am in the honors program. Oh, and just so you know, I was a completely undisciplined high school student who felt that going to school 2-3 days a week was "good enough".

    The study habits will come back to you. You have an advantage by being the age you are. It's called life experience. It's hard juggling family, work and school, but at least we no longer have to add partying every night to the list!