FSCJ Spring 2018 hopefuls

  1. The Fall 2017 came out last week so I thought I would start the Spring 2018 hopefuls thread. Did anyone email the program to ask what they could improve for the spring? I was advised to retake my Hesi A2 and finish my AA. I will finish my AA this summer and plan to retake m Hesi in Aug. I think we are going to do a Hesi study group in the month of July too. There is also a facebook group started as well. Good luck everyone.
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  3. by   sgrassler1
    Could someone please link the FB information? I will also be applying aswell. Thanks!
  4. by   swill11397
    Could you please link the FB page? I'm applying as well and would love to be part of it
  5. by   nlemonis12
    Hey I am applying for the Spring 2018 program. I am wondering what the formula is to calculate the score? I'm hearing that is can be found on the applications? Anyone have any ideas?
  6. by   sgrassler1
    Anyone have any idea on the Facebook information? I can't find the group.
  7. by   swill11397
    I can't find the FB page either & i'm not sure about the point system either & the application doesn't say anything about it :/
  8. by   sgrassler1
    If you go on their website or email them the point system is on there, if not I can email it to you.
    So no Facebook page it looks like?
    Well I will start by saying I have applied twice now with 210 points. They said the Spring has 120 seats open.
  9. by   swill11397
    if you could email the point system to samwilliams1220@gmail.com that would be great! I also haven't heard anything else about the FB page.
  10. by   Acrealese
    Would it be possible to email me the point system? I was unable to find it. My email address is acrealese@gmail.com

    Thank you so much!
  11. by   crewser1

    Can you please email the point system for applying spring 2018? Crews28@gmail.com. I wasn't able to locate it on the website. I applied for summer 2017 and did not make it. I'm hoping to improve my HESI score. If you here of any study groups please let me know!
  12. by   sage-femme
    Does anyone know what the cut off score was for Summer 2017?
  13. by   sgrassler1
    218 is what I was told.
  14. by   jack684
    Does any have the packet and how to calculate the points and whats the cut off point for spring 2018 email me please mee1984286@gmail.com
    thank you