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I am so frustrated. I took the NET yesterday- my last hurdle in the application process. I bombed the math/alegbra portion. I was never informed that we could bring or even use calculators, and the... Read More

  1. by   chadash
    I took the NET recently, and we were not allowed calculators. Where did you take the test?
  2. by   smokeyoaks82358
    Don't give up. I took the NET fall '03 and did o.k. The best advice I can give you is to take another prealgebra class at a local community college. That's what I did and it really helped. I'm in nursing school now, started a LPN program in Sept. and am glad I took that college course. We're doing dosage calculations now and I'm getting it. Good Luck.
  3. by   futurenursingstudent
    dont give up!i too got frustrated with the no calculator thing because the way i was taught math was to use a calculator ALL the time.i tried to review as best as i could for the math section..math isnt my strong subject anyways and i failed by one point.i cant retake the NET again until may so i said screw that im not waiting that advice is i have applied to some schools that either dont require an entrance test at all jus prereqs or use a different test besides the NET.there are tons of schools out there,do your research
  4. by   c3hunter
    Quote from NavyWife
    Oh no! Here I am ticked off at myself for just taking the Study Guide Math test for the NET and cannot figure out why I cannot remember this crap! I take mine on Feb. 5th. But on my letter that gets me into the test, it says we are not allowed calculators (God I wish!!!!) and we will be provided with a pencil! Are you going to try and take it again?!?
    Hi, is your study guide from the Educational Resources INC? This is the guide I bought at the school I took the test at today,($32.00), and they must have purchased their tests from the same company. I paid another $30.00 to take the test today. Its a vo tech school, so if that is the study guide you have and they recommended buying it, they will probably use the test from the same company also. The math portion of the test is almost exactly the same as the practice tests in the book. So be sure you know how to do each problem in the study guides test. The reading is about the same also. I had 85 questions on the reading part and only 30 minutes to finish them. I think there were 60 questions on the math and 60 minutes to finish them. I wont get the results back for 2 weeks, and only scratch paper was allowed. It wasnt that hard if you really study the guide. I dont have high hopes for passing since I didnt have time to finish the last 6 reading problems. The lady sitting beside me kept tapping her pencil on the table, wiggling in her seat and making odd noises! I wanted to tell her to be quiet and be still!
  5. by   NavyWife
    That would have annoyed me! I am doing a lot better with the math portion of it now. The last time I took the test I only missed 5, so there is still marginal room for improvement. My problem is remembering it once I sleep on it. lol I think I will just wake up around 4am the day of the test and get it all in my head again, that way I am good to go. Yes, it is the Educational Resouce Study Guide. I took both portions of the reading and no problems there. Hopefully your test scores turn out better than you anticipate!