from medical asst program to nursing

  1. Hi all,

    I am an older, nontraditional student. Currently I am finishing up coures in medical assisting program, i will received a diploma. I already have BS in Community Health. I also work PRN at a children's hospital in St. Louis.

    I took previous nursing courses at a university in St. Louis but unfort. did not pass 2 courses. They were both in nursing so i was dropped form the nursing program. I have never lost my desire for nursing. I am going to reapply to the nursing program at this one particular school. I am writing a letter plus attaching some letters of recommendation from my current teachers where i attend class and have been doing very well.

    I just wanted to get some advice from other pre-nursing students regarding trying to get back into nursing program. Thanks for listening.
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  3. by   lisabeth
    Go for it. I am sure with all the other classes you have taken since, things might click a little better for you.
  4. by   BeccaznRN
    After reading some of your previous posts, I just wanted to tell you that I also had the same clinical instructor as you did for your two semesters at UMSL. She is not easy and she is definitely not in my top ten of favorite instructors, but I (along with many of my other classmates that are graduating in December) made it through her clinical. So can you!

    Take your letters of recommendation along with your letter to the school and petition to reenter the nursing program. If you are granted reentry, prove to everyone (including yourself) that you will do the work and give 110% to the program. This program is not unreasonable. You will more than likely end up with this same clinical instructor for fundamentals, but know that while she has a difficult personality, her demands are NOT unreasonable and it will be YOUR job to meet her demands. Get your elder lined up beforehand and give the number to your instructor on the first day of clinical since you already know that it's coming (most everyone in my class offered up our own grandparents to other students -I assessed the father of my dad's good friend/coworker). Get into the lab every spare moment and practice (Saturdays are great days to go in....very empty which = lots of one on one time with the lab assistant, who is more than willing to help you with your skills and show you tricks). Sign up for all your return demos right way and do not drag your feet. If you get yelled at during a return demo...dust yourself off, bite your tongue, and try again. In the end, when it comes down to the instructor or you, you will be the only one going away (as you have experienced twice now). There are many students waiting to get into the clinical portion of this's a shame to let that spot go to waste because you couldn't find an elder in time or the instructor yelled at you.

    Best of luck to you! This program is tough, but it's very rewarding and you will learn so much. If you get another opportunity, grab it and take off with it!
  5. by   RN2B-09
    I have been a Medical Assistant for 13 years and am now going to Nursing School to be a RN. I would hang in there and go through full force. I feel that once we start the clinicals in the actual Nursing Program, we will have an advantage on some of the other students because we already have experience with venipuncture, injections, vitals etc. By not having to focus on these areas as much we will be able to concentrate on our studies more and continue to grow.