finger callus prevention

  1. Any tips? I take a TON of handwritten notes when I study. and the tip of my right pointer finger gets painfully callused. I have a permanent groove on my middle finger as well. Typing my notes doesn't work as well for me as far as retention, plus I have to handwrite notes from my online lectures as well as the notecards I use to study. I usually use the cheap Staples/Target store brand pens - are there any that are more comfortable? Any other products that actually work? I took 24 pages of notes yesterday and it's really hard to get started again. Thanks!
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  3. by   DoveNoir
    I'm a waitress and I sware by the new bic pro or velocity pens. They're larger and help me keep from squeezing the pen too hard. Don't use a fine point either.
  4. by   caliotter3
    When I went to nrsg school we were allowed to use tape recorders. Some people would not take notes (or not many) at all, and concentrate on what the instructors were saying. Since then, my daughter informs me that all of her instructors in schools no longer allow tape recorders b/c they do not want to take responsibility for what they say. Oh well.
  5. by   WickedRedRN
    Tape your lectures if you can, then transcribe after class. I typed mine in Word.

    This helped me to actually pay more attention to the lecture and get something out of it rather than furiously taking notes and missing important points.

    As far as pens go, I like the large Dr Grip pen made by Pilot. You can find these at any store, large cushioned grip, about $7.00 for the pen. You can buy ink refills pretty cheap.

  6. by   MB37
    Thanks so far, I know this seems like a silly problem but it's really irritating! I learn best by writing and rewriting my notes in different ways. Do the Dr. Grip pens last a while? I usually buy the 60 pens for $6 type boxes b/c I go thru so many of the cheap ones. Plus I'm a bartender so they always disappear at work. I'd rather not have to refill them constantly, and if I didn't lose them I suppose I could keep them separate from my work stuff. We are unfortunately not permitted to tape lectures per a school policy, I guess they've had trouble with people trying to sell them in the past. I need to hit Staples today anyways, maybe I'll look at the pricier ones. Thanks, and any more suggestions are appreciated!
  7. by   sdmommie
    Have you tried those little squishy things? I also like to use the cheap Papermate pens. So, these are nice to put on any pen. It's like a foam sleeve (1 1/2 in. long) that slides on your pen or pencil. It cushions your fingers where they touch your pen. They come in a package of 5 or so and are really inexpensive. You can probably find them in any office supply store near the pens/pencils. You should give them a try...
  8. by   krenee
    Oh yeah, my learning style is reading/writing, so I write a TON when I'm studying, although flash cards helps that somewhat - then I can write it once and go over it many times.

    For Christmas my mom gave me a Sensa Cloud 9 pen, it's got this gel stuff inside the grip and it is wonderful. I call it my cushy pen, and I guard it with my life! (From the kids, mostly!). You can find it online.