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  1. First of all i'm one year in and fully committed to becoming a nurse. With that being said could someone please explain the difference between an ADN and a BSN. I understand that one is an associates and one is a bachelors but how would I go about getting into an bachelors program as opposed to one for an associates degree? Are there just more general courses like ENG/MTH/ etc. or are the courses NUR specific?

    With that being said are there any websites that I can find the specific course requirements for college programs that you need to have completed before you can apply? The websites for colleges in my area seem to be very vague and not at all specific. Most of them just give basic ENG and MTH courses along with Psych 101 along with Anat and Phys as their requirements which can't be right.

    Please help! The advisors at my school do their best but they're just teachers who were forced to do advising so they aren't very knowledgeable on these sorts of things.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    You need to see an advisor in the nursing department at your school, just like you need to go to the nursing department link on your school's website to find information about the program. You can always use the old fashioned method of getting information by sending a letter to the School of Nursing and asking for it. Succinctly, an ASN program is known as a "two year" program, and a BSN program is known as a "four year" program, although both take longer than that. You complete similar prerequisite courses before applying to each nursing program, with more required for the BSN. Some schools require that all prerequisite courses be complete before requesting admission to the nursing program, while others will allow the applicant to have a course(s) in progress, or allow the student to take certain courses at the same time as they are taking nursing courses.

    This is an example of a possible difference: an ASN program requires a one semester chem course for allied health professionals. The BSN program may require a two semester sequence of chem.

    Suggest you make an appointment to see a nursing advisor at the schools you are interested in if you can't make heads or tails out of the info on their respective websites.
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    It will all depend on how you decide to pursue your degree. If you decide on an ADN, then generally those can be obtained at your local community college. If you decide to do the BSN, then you'll be looking at private school, university, or perhaps an community college/university bridge program.

    What state do you live in?
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    I'm in upstate New York currently finishing prereq's at MCC