Finding a night/weekend school?

  1. Hey everyone! We have been moving a lot and I really need to finish up my degree! I have all of my nursing pre-reqs minus Micro done.

    I also have 3 kids and my dh's work and childcare issues (esp. with dd's severe allergies) are making it hard to find a school where I can go for night or weekend classes, or do more classes in the summer (dh is a professor).

    Right now, we are ready to move again and we are waiting to hear back from jobs for him in Belleville IL (near St.Louis), Rockford IL, and Knoxville TN. There are also jobs in Nashville and Joliet IL he is thinking about.

    Does *anyone* know of any nursing (AS, BS, Accelerated) programs where you can take your classes at night or on the weekend? I knew one back in IL but it is too far to travel to from these places!

    I have 100 credits done from moving so much and always having new requirements, so I guess I could finish up a Liberal Arts degree or something if there were a program for Accelerated BSN if anyone knows of one.

    I would really appreciate it! TIA!
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  3. by   Jilaweez
    The only one I know of in IL is about 45 min. South of the Rockford area. A girl I know that goes to Rock Valley CC only goes 2 days a week. A few weeks during the semester they have to go a third day. I tried to find night/weekend classes too but I had no luck. I applied to SACN in Rockford which is 5days a week and NIU in Dekalb,IL which is about three days a week which makes day care more affordable. I don't know about the other areas where you are looking and I don't know about accelerated programs. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   dnw826
    Thanks! Rock Valley may work. I homeschool my kids, so I would have to figure out some sort of childcare, but it would be a good deal...
  5. by   Jilaweez
    Oh good..I don't know if it is only two days a week the entire two years though. She is a second semester student so I don't know how it will be when she is second year. I will ask her and get back to you. Two days a week is definately a little cheaper for day care. I know some of the day care/pre-school programs in the area have very good educational programs if that puts your mind at ease a little.
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  7. by   Pumpkin1621

    Look at all of these. Go to their websites and see if they offer the night and weekend courses you are looking for.
  8. by   vickynurse
    check out Jefferson College in Hillsboro, Missouri. It's a 1.5 hours from Belleville
  9. by   dnw826
    Thanks, everyone!

    It looks like we are moving to Rockford. Dh accepted the job there. The tuition is really high for all but RVC, so I am going to try to get in there for 2008 if I don't find any night/weekend ones nearby.
  10. by   Jilaweez
    Good luck...and welcome to the area!!