Fate determined

  1. Well, a group of mostly strangers sat around a big boardroom table and determined my future/or lack thereof at their institution. I can't believe my name sits in a stack with 30 or a stack with 100's. I never wanted to be at the shord end of anything, but hopefully in this case my folder is in the short stack. Now all there is to do is stalk my mailman for a few weeks. I, like many of you have worked so hard to get to this point, I know it will pay off...just can't wait. How is everyone else hanging in there?
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  3. by   SummerGarden
    Quote from Jilaweez
    I can't believe my name sits in a stack with 30 or a stack with 100's.
    What? You too??....

    Quote from Jilaweez
    How is everyone else hanging in there?
    Well I do not stalk the mailman. My school is pretty dead-on when they say they will send out letters. In fact, last term they had a list of the rejected and selected three weeks before any of us found out.

    As you can imagine cell phones went off during class and during break everyday as people spoke to loved ones who were picking up the mail daily. Rumors flew as others who-knew-someone-who-knew-someone-who-knew-someone that works in the office kept track of the letters being sent out. But no one knew who was selected; that was kept secret.

    So I suspect this time will not be any different. The list will be drawn up in October, but we will not find out until November. However deep down inside where logic does not prevail, I hope that the letters will go out sooner! Cheers to waiting with you! Good luck!
  4. by   Jilaweez
    They reviewed apps. on Thursday and I am supposed to know in two to three weeks. I was hoping it'd be sooner though. I can't really stalk the mailman since I have 4kids, school and a job.......skating,football, tumbling, etc. It would be nice if I were here when the mail actually came though. I probaby won't open my letter until my family is together anyway, for cheers or support, whichever is needed.
    Keep me posted on yours too!!! Good luck!!!
  5. by   JaxiaKiley
    That's brutal. Waiting is always so stressful. I try to ignore the date on the calendar, so that I don't start getting stressed about my own letter.
  6. by   Catlover2
    They reviewed apps at my school on Thurs and we are supposed to know by end of September. I called the school to find out when I could expect a letter either way and was told that there were a lot who applied this time around and that they "hoped" to get the letters out this week. I am driving myself crazy wondering. I just want to know either way as I don't do well with this kind of stuff. Not to mention I have to make a decision to continue down this nursing school path. I really want to be a nurse, but I am 34 and I need to have a career NOW. Sorry to vent!
  7. by   Spill
    Well, letters were sent out for 1 of the schools I applied to on the 12...I was freaking out every day, running to the mail box..and nothing, this went on for several days. Then I started worrying, especially since this school is about twenty minutes from where I live.

    Damn mail!-letter got lost in the mail

    -Dean is resending it....crap!

    -Consider me officially insane while I wait
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  8. by   Jilaweez
    I knew I was very far from alone!! I wish they'd post it on their website. I hope you let me know when yours come. If I don't get into this one I am applying for another as well, but that app deadline isn't until early next year so I still have options. Even still, this is worse than waiting for results from a big test.

    Best of luck to all, let me know when you get your letters!!
  9. by   collegebound
    Impatiently waiting here too! The deadline for applying was yesterday and we are supposed to get our letters by the end of October at the latest. What really irritates me about this was the original deadline was Sept. 15th and they extended it--so now I have to wait two more weeks. It is like constantly sitting on pins and needles! Hopefully though, we will all be getting good news soon!
  10. by   mixyRN
    YEP, I am playing the waiting game also.
    I am a final candidate and had my interview on 9/25.
    Acceptance (and rejection) letters go out sometime in October.... hmmmm that's a 31 day window!!
    I have a very good feeling that I'll be accepted, but you never know for sure until that letter is in hand!
  11. by   sumthnspecial
    I haven't been around here for awhile, but I submitted my application this month. My school allows the whole month of September for applications and then we won't find out until the end of November or early December. Talk about waiting...and waiting...and waiting.
  12. by   Jilaweez
    Wow, I thought I had it rough, I should know in the next week or so. I couldn't imagine waiting until december, although I finished my application in August. Now I have to wait until March for my other app. because they don't review until feb. Originally the one I'm waiting on now was my first choice school but due to family issues I have changed my mind so I won't know until March wether I got into the school I want to go to. Either way if I get an acceptance letter this week I'll know I got in somewhere for sure.

    Let us know when yours comes!!