Ending Employment Assignment

  1. Well, I currently work for an temporary agency, my actually job site is at a bank. Well I've been at this assignment believe or not, for 2 years. This morning I found out my last day may be Friday. The supervisor is fighting for them to hire me but, most likely they won't, and if they would consider hiring me I wouldn't get pass the application process due to my Poor, Poor Credit...I owe Taxes.

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  3. by   chubbi
    Update my assignment has been extended until May 30:roll . So that's another 2 months. As long as the agency can keep me working, I am fine with working as a temporary for the time being.

    My focus is on school and as long as I can pay my bills...I am going to focus on school stuff.:smiletea2:

  4. by   WDWpixieRN
    I worked for a major investment firm for many years but before being hired, went through an in-depth review of my credit ratings and a background check.

    If you owe taxes and have a bad credit rating, I'd work on getting that cleaned up as soon as possible...that is something that not only affects your ability to get hired in many positions, but will cost you lots of money in the long run in insurance, housing, and other areas in the future...

    Best wishes!!
  5. by   bookworm1
    Make sure you look at the nursing requirements for your state. In Illinois we can lose our nursing license for failure to pay taxes! Get it cleaned up if at all possible before you finish your schooling.