Each university have different pre-requisites

  1. and it is killing me because i want to apply to several university in california and outside california but they all have slightly different pre-requisities and i'm confused because i only got 3 quarter left before i have to apply. My friend said that i should apply regardless whether the pre-requsities is different. What do you guys think?

    (i.e some university wants pharmacy class and some wants organic chemistry)
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  3. by   ßåߥ
    Generally, if you apply to a school without completing their required pre-requisties, I don't think your application will last very long in their sight. They have those required requisites because they want you to know that information before taking their nursing classes. Maybe apply to the schools in which you already have the requisites done and then if you don't get in, you'll have another semester to take some other requisite classes for the other universities to apply the next go around, plus the school that you didn't get into before. You will have the chance to bump your GPA up too.
  4. by   claritasd
    Agreed. I wouldn't apply to schools for which you haven't completed the prerequisites unless you have a plan in place to finish them before classes start.

    Some of them do have slightly different requirements, but the basics should be the same (Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Statistics, Chemistry, maybe Nutrition and Lifespan Development). I've looked at a lot of schools in California, and I can take a look at the prereq's for the ones you're interested in if you need help.
  5. by   ScientistSalarian
    I agree, don't waste time and money applying to schools that you don't have the prereqs for - they won't even consider your application once they see that you don't have the required classes completed. I just applied to a bunch of CA schools this last year and it was a bit frustrating that so many schools in the same systems (CSU/UC) have slightly different requirements for their nursing programs.

    Basically what you have to do is buckle down and research the heck out of whichever schools you're thinking about applying to. I printed out the nursing articulation agreements for each school I was even remotely interested in from assist.org and then went through each to see if I had the classes they wanted. If not, toss into the recycling bin. Once I had a group of schools that I had the classes for I went to each nursing program's website to make sure that I was meeting any other random requirements (some schools allow you to have prereqs in progress at the time of application, some do not - stuff like that). Just be very thorough and stay organized.

    Good luck!
  6. by   ArrowRN
    that's why I always suggest to people to complete their AA degree first because within that you can do several prereqs and still be working towards your goal of getting a BSN. My AA had like 76 credits, I covered the prereqs for quite a few schools and foreign language requirement for BSN...I did not do organic chemistry 1 and 2...that's just overkill as a prereq so I eliminated those schools from my options. Just go to each university and print of their prereqs and see which ones you will be able to cover, that make most sense. For e.g. you might find some want medical terminology others want General Biology. I did both cause they were relevant to nursing so I did not think it was wasting my time. you got to narrow down your options and Focus on maybe 3 main universities for BSN and a couple ADNs schools as backup.